[Playbill for Der Freischütz and Clari]

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[Playbill for Der Freischütz and Clari]
London : W. Reynolds, 1824.

"This present Tuesday, October 26, 1824, will be acted (for the eleventh time at this theatre) the celebrated opera, called Der Freischütz; or, The black huntsman of Bohemia, altered and adapted to the English stage.... To which will be added an opera called Clari."
The opera "Clari" is by Henry R. Bishop.
The singers listed for Der Freischütz are: Mr. Baker, Mr. Egerton, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Pearman, Mr. J. Isaacs, Mr. Tinney, Mr. Ley, Mr. Evans, Mr. Austin, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Chapman, Miss Paton, Miss Love, Miss J. Scott, Miss Henry, and Mrs. Boyle; those listed for Clari are: Mr. T.P. Cooke, Mr. Fawcett, Mr. Duruset, Master Longhurst, Mr. J. Isaacs, Mr. Keeley, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Tinney, Mr. Henry, Miss M. Tree, Mrs. Vining, Miss Love, Miss Hallande, Mr. Baker, Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Pearce, and Miss Henry.

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