Homily on the Holy Cross

Accession number: 
MS M.599
Homily on the Holy Cross
Egypt, 854/855.
Ancient binding According to Petersen, created ca. 855; upper and lower covers of leather, over boards of ?hemp fiber and a layer of mastic mixed with chopped straw; the spine is wanting; blind-tooled and pierced. (Binding cataloged separately as MS M599A.)
Purchased for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1914) in 1911.
32 leaves (2 columns, 26-29 or 35-36 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 341 x 302 mm
Monastery of Saint Michael (Dayr al-Malāk Mīkhāʼil); found in 1910 near the village of Hamuli, Fayyūm Province, Egypt, at the site of the Monastery of Saint Michael; purchased in Paris in 1911 for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) from Arthur Sambon, a dealer acting in behalf of a consortium of owners including a certain J. Kalebdian; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943).

Manuscript of a homily on the Holy Cross, attributed to Cyril of Jerusalem (St. Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem); written and illuminated in Egypt, 854/855.
Sewing repair on fol. 14.
Text edited and translated in to Italian by Campagnano, into English by Budge, and Lucchesi (fragments).
Colophons: 1) fol. 31v: Donation in Coptic: By the fathers Papa Kosma and Deacon Khaēl, leaders of the Monastery of St Michael near present-day Hamuli; 2) fol. 31v: Copyist in Coptic: By Aiōn "I have written according to the copy in front of me;" 3) fol. 31v: Date of copying, copyist in Greek: AM 571 (August 29, 854-August 29, 855); by Aïōn; 4) Memorial, date in Coptic: For Gōrgi, son of Antres, from Narmoute, or Medinet Madi, in the Faiyum (the writer of the memorial,) Deacon Hileï the Archimandrite, Papa Sisini, and Papa Paule; Kiyahk 12, AM 618 (Tuesday, December 8, 901).
Written area ca. 289 x 229 or 264 x 215 mm. Divisions: Ekthesis, reddened enlarged initial (sometimes decorated), and paragraphus sign (small or large painted vine-scroll coronis in verso column a and reddened obelus, with dots mostly extended into curved strokes, in 3 other columns) setting off paragraphs; some passages, typically quotations, marked by a reddened diple in margin of each line; 2 reddened dividers setting off sections of colophon.
Script: Upright (colophon 4 right-sloping). 10 lines = ca. 80-84 or 92-100 mm.
Superlineation: Non-standard. Punctuation: Raised reddened dot in conjunction with a small space; 2 or more reddened dots witha reddened space filler at ends of paragraphs. Tremas.
Collation: Signed on first and last page of the quire, top inner margin. Quire ornaments (small cross). Monograms (also as head margin ornaments). No headlines or catchwords.
Scribe: Aiōn.
Decoration: headpiece, tailpiece, marginal ornaments, paragraphus signs, signatures and page numbers, extended letters. Colors: strong reddish orange, moderate yellowish green.

Coptic, the Sahidic and Fayumic dialects, and Greek