Accession number: 
MS M.603
Perpnoute, Egypt, 902-903.
Ancient binding: Fragments from the upper and lower covers, and a portion of the back attached to the lower cover, of leather, over papyrus boards. The lower cover was stiffened with a fragment from a disused upper cover. Ancient binding and fragments catalogued separately as MS M.603A and MS M.603 bis.
Purchased for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), 1911.
24 leaves (2 columns, 30-32 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 314 x 248 mm
Perpnoute; Monastery of Saint Michael (Dayr al-Malāk Mīkhāʼil); found in 1910 near the village of Hamuli, Fayyūm Province, Egypt, at the site of the Monastery of Saint Michael; purchased in Paris in 1911 for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) from Arthur Sambon, a dealer acting in behalf of a consortium of owners including a certain J. Kalebdian; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943).

Manuscript of a homily attributed to Severus of Antioch; written and illuminated in Theogenidos (Perpnoute), in the Fayyūm Province, Egypt, between 902 and 903.
Roughly a fourth of the leaves have sewing repairs.
Title on fol. 2r: "A homily by the patriarch severus archbishop of Antioch, speaking about the mercies of God and about the freedom of speech of Michael Archangel. He also said some things about the holy Sunday because the feast of the archangel happened to coincide with it in that year. He also spoke about Matthew the merchant and his wife and children. He delivered this sermon ont eh 12th of Hātōr. In God's peace. Amen."
Colophons: 1) fol. 24v: Copyists, place of copying and date of copying in Greek: By Deacon Gabri and his son Markoure, from Theogenidos (Perpnoute); AM 619 (August 29, 902-August 29, 903); 2) fol. 24v: Memorial in Coptic: Originally for Deacon [...] (name erased), oikonomos of (St.) Michael; 3) fol. 24v: Original donation, second donation in Coptic: Originally by the sister Thanasïa, daughter of Anastasïa; originally to the [monastery] of St. Michael in her native village of [...]; then to the Monastery of St. Michael near present-day Hamuli.
Written area ca. 248 x 183 mm. Divisions: Ekthesis, reddened enlarged or greatly enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign (Touton style with reddened budded diple [either bud or rest is reddened] in column a and reddened obelus in column b)setting off paragraphs; sections of colophon separated by dividers and marked by a reddened diple in margin of each line; some passages, especially quotations, marked by a reddened dotted diple in margin of each line. Exceeding letters of last line of page once written below end of the line and encompassed by a red stroke (fol. 9v at end of a quire).
Script: Upright (titles and colophons right-sloping). 10 lines = ca. 79 mm
Superlineation: Non-standard. Punctuation: Raised reddened dot; cluster of reddened dots with reddened space filler at ends of paragraphs. Tremas.
Collation: Signed on first and last page of the quire, top inner margin. No quire ornaments, monograms, headlines or catchwords.
Scribes: Deacon Gabri of Perpnoute and his son Markoure of Perpnoute.
Decoration: frontispiece, headpiece, tailpiece, marginal ornaments, initials, signatures and page numbers, extended letters. Colors: moderate reddish orange (Centroid 44), dark grayish reddish brown (84), strong yellow, moderate bluish green (165).

Coptic, the Sahidic dialect