Fiore di vertu

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MS M.771
Fiore di vertu
Central or Southeastern France, ca. 1460.
French green morocco by Padeloup, ca. 1750.
Purchased from Ellis, 1931.
160 leaves (2 columns, 27 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 290 x 207 mm
Written for a Montmorency-Laval, whose arms are covered over by those of François de Rochechouart (barry-nebuly of five argent and gules), who died in 1530; L.-J. Gaignat sale (Paris, 1769, I, no. 873) to Girardot de Préfond (his ms. catalogue, S. de Ricci Collection, p. 95, no. 374), who sold his library to Count de Mac-Carthy; his sale (Paris, 1817, no. 1446) to Chardin; his sale (Paris, Feb. 9, 1824, no. 626) to A.-A. Renouard; P.A. Hanrott sale (London, Aug. 5, 1833, II, no. 1282) to H. Bohn; George Folliott Collection, Vicars Cross Chester; sale of Mrs. Walker (London, May 12, 1930, no. 49, facs.) to Ellis; Ellis catalogue, 1930, no. 275, no.1; purchased from Ellis in 1931.

Ms. written and illuminated in France, probably central or southeastern France, ca. 1460.
The Chapelet des vertus is a late 14th cent. revision and translation of Fiore di virtù, a moralizing work on the vices and virtues.
Decoration: 5 miniatures surrounded by borders of vine, flowers, and grotesques in gold and colors, with arms of the Rochechouart family in the borders.
Artist: anonymous artist.

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Comment nous deuons rendre graces a dieu pour les benefices qu'il nous donne

Middle French