Grants and Privileges

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MS M.70
Grants and Privileges
Romae : Ex typographia Reuerendae Camerae Apostolicae, 1692.
17th-century Italian red morocco, gold tooled à l'evantail; front cover with arms of Innocent XII; back cover with arms of Cardinal Negroni.
Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1912.
16 leaves : paper and vellum, ill. ; 255 x 190 mm
Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) from Martini in 1912; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943).

An eight leaf printed report of the July 12, 1691 Conclavis that elevated Innocent XII to the papacy; bound with an eight leaf interleaved vellum manuscript.
Ms. written and decorated in Rome, Italy, in 1693.
Manuscript registers the presence of Alessandro Machirelli, priest of Imola, as a conclavist and certifies him as one of the secretaries to the Pope, a member of his household, count of the Aula Lateranensis, etc.; signed and sealed by Cardinal Giovanni Francesco Negroni and his secretary, Giovanni Baptista Gabriello, Mar. 25, 1693; signed and sealed by Cardinals Alderan Cibo, Francesco Maidalchini, and Urbain Sachetti, Aug. 12, 1693.
Text organized and decorated as follows: fol. 1r (vellum), full-page pen and ink drawing of the arms of Innocent XII; fol. 1v, blank; fol. 2r (paper) title page of the Conclavis; fol. 2v, blank; fol. 3r (vellum), full-page pen and ink portrait of Innocent XII; fol. 3v, blank; fol. 4r-10v (paper), printed text of the Conclavis; fol. 11r (vellum), full-page pen and ink drawing of the arms of Cardinal Negroni; fol. 11v, blank; fol. 12r (vellum), blank; fol. 12v, full-page pen and ink drawing of Cardinal Negroni; fol. 13r-16v (vellum), two documents registering the presence of Alessandro Machirelli as a conclavist at the elevation of Innocent XII.
Decoration: 4 full-page pen and ink drawings; 2 portraits and 2 arms and borders.
Note: A German literary manuscript of the 15th century (MA 302) was originally catalogued as M.70 before being transferred to the Morgan's department of Literary and Historical Manuscripts.

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Nomina autem ipsorum conclauistarum sunt haec, quae sequuntur

humanistic script and Roman capitals