Accession number: 
MS M.586
Egypt, Oct. 9, 844.
Ancient binding: According to Peterse: upper and lower covers of leather over papyrus boards. (Binding cataloged separately as MS M.586A.)
Purchased for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1914) in 1911.
21 leaves (2 columns, 31-32 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 359 x 269 mm
Monastery of Saint Michael (Dayr al-Malāk Mīkhāʼil); found in 1910 near the village of Hamuli, Fayyūm Province, Egypt, at the site of the Monastery of Saint Michael; purchased in Paris in 1911 for J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) from Arthur Sambon, a dealer acting in behalf of a consortium of owners including a certain J. Kalebdian; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943).

Manuscript miscellany written and illuminated at the Monastery of Kalamōn, Fayyūm Province, Egypt, and completed Bābih 12, AM 561, AH 230, 8th indiction (i.e., Oct. 9, 844).
The Martyrdom of St. Theodore Stratelates is incomplete.
Colophons: fol. 1v, frontispiece: Artist-copyist in Greek: Zakharias. Donation in Coptic: Byb Papa Epima, son of the late Papa Damianē; to the Monastery of St. Michael near present day Hamuli. Prayer for the copyist (?) in Coptic: "Bear with me and my insignificant handiwork." Date of copying in Greek. Copyist in Greek: Zakharias, priest and copyist of the Monastery of Kalamōn.
Written area ca. 272 x 213 mm or 279 x 206 mm. Divisions: Dot-and-dash divider, reddened enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign (vine-scroll coronis) setting off major textual units; ekthesis, mostly reddened enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign setting off paragraphs. Exceeding letters of last line sometimes written below end of the line.
Script: Upright (titles and colophons at fol. 21r right-sloping). 10 lines = ca. 81 or 85 mm
Superlineation: Non-standard. Punctuation: Raised dot in conjunction with a space. Tremas.
Collation: Signed on first and last page of the quire, top inner margin. Quire ornaments. No monograms, headlines or catchwords.
Scribe: Zakharias.
Decoration: frontispiece, headpieces, tailpiece ornaments, paragraphus signs, signatures and page numbers, extended letters. Colors: moderate reddish orange (Centroid 37), moderate yellow (87) (often chemically altered).

Coptic, the Sahidic dialect