Amherst Egyptian Papyrus 72.

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Amh. Egy. Pap. 72
Amherst Egyptian Papyrus 72.
either 729 or 744.
Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1912.
1 pane of glass containing 3 papyrus fragments
In the possession of Rudolph Theophilus Lieder (1797-1865) in Cairo in 1849; purchased by Lord Amhurst Tyssen-Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst of Hackney, in 1861; purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1912; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943).

Manuscript will of Tsible, daughter of Gapatios; written in Jēme (Djeme; Jama; Jamu; Memnonia), Egypt, dated Misrā 25 of the 12 indiction (either Aug. 18, 729 or Aug. 18, 744).
The roll is now in three pieces; sizes: 1) 355 x 155 mm.; 2) 370 x 160 mm.; 3) 380 x 160 mm.; total length is ca. 1125 mm
Pieces mounted next to each other in a large glass frame.
Text: Having fallen ill and fearing that she might die, the childless Tsible draws up her will. Her husband and siblings are beneficiaries. Edited and translated into English by Crum in Newberry 1899, edited by Crum in Crum-Steindorff 1912, translated into German by Till 1954.
Scribe: Seuēros, son of Samouēl.
Script: Right-sloping, with cursive features.