Book of Hours

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MS M.677
Book of Hours
Bourges, France, ca. 1473.
French 17th-century red morocco gilt, in brown morocco case with 2 leather clasps.
Purchased by J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) in 1923.
333 leaves (1 column, 10 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 147 x 109 mm
Written and illuminated for Anne of France (1461-1522), daughter of Louis XI, King of France; no. 25 in a French collection ca. 1840; A. Firmin-Didot sale (Paris, 1882, no. 17) to baron de Beurnonville; Robert Hoe collection, (Grolier Club exhibition, 1892, no. 69; Cat., 1909, pp. 85-89); his sale (New York, 1911, I, no. 2137, facs.) to Miss Benson; J.P. Morgan (1867-1943), purchased through R.H. Dodd in 1923.

Ms. book of hours for the use of Rome; calendar in French; written and illuminated in Bourges, France, ca. 1473.
This manuscript was made for Anne de France, as evidenced by the arms of France and the emphasis on the name Anne, before her marriage in 1474 to Pierre de Beaujeu whose arms are not present.
Decoration: 107 full-page miniatures, 24 calendar illustrations, illuminated borders; arms on fol. 43v (shield bearing arms of France, crowned); manuscript has unusually rich picture cycles; Hours of the Virgin has 49 miniatures rather than the standard 8.
Artist: Jean Colombe and workshop.
Revised: 2016

Latin and French