St. Catherine

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MS M.1213
St. Catherine
England, late 14th century
Anonymous gift, 2019.
1 leaf : vellum, illuminated ; 200 x 135 mm
This leaf: bought by Martin Nachman, probably in the early 1950s; inherited by his daughter-in-law, Marian Nachman. The parent manuscript: Thomas Boycott, 1761 (bookplate); London, Sotheby's, 3 June 1918, lot 259; London, Bernard Quaritch, A Catalogue of Illuminated and Other Manuscripts, Together with Some Works on Palaeography, 1931, no. 56, 2 pls. (St. George, St. John the Baptist); London, Quaritch, Catalogue 478, 1933, no. 3; bought from Quaritch by H.P. Kraus, 1941; bought from Kraus by Rudolf Wien, who broke up the book before 9 February 1948.

Measurements: 200 x 135 (150 x 85) mm; 7 3/4 x 5 1/4 (5 7/8 x 3 5/8) inches
On the leaf's recto is the end of prayer, a Suffrage to Mary Magdalene, and the beginning of a Suffrage to St. Catherine, in Latin and Old French.
Text: "... euzs devaunt ma mort. V. Ora pro nobis beata Maria Magdalena ... Vi[rg]o s[an]c[t]a Katerina grecie ..."
Decoration: 1 full-page miniature with three coats of arms and a foliate border on the verso; a single coat of arms on the recto.
Thirty-one sister miniatures to the present leaf are dispersed, some traced, others whereabouts unknown: St. Helena (1 of the 5 leaves re-acquired from Rudolf Wien by H.P. Kraus, Catalogue 80, 1956, no. 16c); St. Stephen (Bruce Ferrini, 1993); St. Bartholomew (London, Sotheby's, 9 February 1948, lot 215; Sir John Pope-Hennessy; his sale, New York, Christie's, 10 January 1996, lot 4); St. Margaret (London, Sotheby's, 9 February 1948, lot 216); a text leaf, St. Andrew, and St. Martin (Los Angeles County Museum, M.74.100.1-3); St. James and St. Matthew (Sarasota, John and Mabel Ringling Museum, nos. 730, 731); St. Nicholas (1 of 5 leaves re-acquired from Wien by Kraus, Cat. 80, 1956, no. 16a, illus.; London, Sotheby's, 21 June 1994, lot 25; Ferrini, Catalogue 3, 1995, no. 18; Denver Art Museum, Berger Collection); St. Barnabas (Ferrini, Catalogue 3, 1995, no. 19; Denver Art Museum, Berger Collection); St. Saturninus (bought from Wien by Eric Korner [his no. 20] in 1952 [along with St. George]; his sale, London, Sotheby's, 19 June 1990, lot 32; bought from the buyer by Bernard H. Breslauer, Voelkle and Wieck, Breslauer Collection of Manuscript Illuminations, 1992, no. 17;); St. George (bought from Wien by Eric Korner in 1952 [along with St. Saturninus]; London, Sotheby's 7 July 2009, lot 107); St. Lazarus and St. Edmund (2 of 5 leaves re-acquired from Wien by Kraus, Cat. 80, 1956, nos. 16d & e; New York, private collection); St. Thomas (1 of 5 leaves re-acquired from Wien by Kraus, Cat. 80, 1956, no. 16b; Ferrini; New York, second private collection).

Latin and Old French