Joanna S. & Daniel Rose Family Illuminated Haggadah.

Accession number: 
MS M.1191
Joanna S. & Daniel Rose Family Illuminated Haggadah.
New York and Jerusalem, 2011-2013
Gift of Joanna S. Rose, 2014.
17 bifolios comprising 68 pages : vellum (calfskin) unbound ; 303 x 407 mm
Commission of Joanna S. Rose.

Artist: Barbara Wolff.
Scribe: Izzy Pludwinski (Hebrew) and Karen Gorst (English).
The Joanna S. & Daniel Rose Family Illuminated Haggadah consists of 17 unbound bifolios, comprising 68 pages.
The illumination and English text were done in New York City, while the Hebrew text was completed in Jersualem, Israel.
Decoration: 4 full-page, 11 large, and 28 small illustrations, plus 5 decorated text panels.
303 x 407 mm: bifolio untrimmed; 260 x 368 mm: bifolio trim; size 260 x 184 mm: page trim size
Collation: I⁴ (pp. 1-8), II⁴ (pp. 9-16), III⁴ (pp. 17-24), IV⁴ (pp. 25-32), V⁴ (pp. 33-40), VI⁴ (pp. 41-48), VII² (pp. 49-52), VIII⁴ (pp. 53-60), IX⁴ (pp. 61-68).
The item relates to MS M.1190, You Renew the Face of the Earth: Psalm 104, illuminated by the same artist.

Variant Title: 

Rose Haggadah

Ashkenasic script (Hebrew) and bold expanded italic (English)
Hebrew and English