Homiletic fragment.

Accession number: 
MS M.665.1
Homiletic fragment.
Purchased for J. P. (1867-1943) in 1916.
1 bifolio (2 columns, 38-40 lines) : vellum, ill. ; 338 x 265 mm
Part of a lot purchased in 1916 by Francis Willey Kelsey (1858-1927) on behalf of J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) through the agency of Dr. David L. Askren, an American missionary and physician residing in the Fayyūm.

Manuscript fragment from a homily, written in Egypt.
Sewing repairs.
Text: perhaps from a homily by Severus of Antioch.
Full text and provisional translation of the present bifolio in Depuydt.
Written area ca. 296 x 205 mm. Divisions: Ekthesis, reddened enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign (reddened budded diple with green bud tilted to the angle of a coronis) setting off paragraphs.
Script: Upright. 10 lines = ca. 73-77 mm
Superlineation: None. Punctuation: Raised reddened dot in conjunction with a space. No tremas.
Collation: Uncertain, but hypothetically the second bifolio or leaves 2 and 7 of the third quire of the codex (assuming regular quire structure in eights; inferred from the ancient pagination and the sequence of hair and flesh). No remains of signatures, quire ornaments, monograms, headlines, or catchwords.
Decoration: Page numbers, extended letters. Color: Red (chemically altered).

Coptic, the Sahidic dialect