Single leaf, Gradual

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MS M.1144
Single leaf, Gradual
Dijon, France, ca. 1536-1537.
Purchased on the Edwin H. Herzog Fund and the Fellows Endowment Fund, 2005.
1 leaf (2 four-line staves) : vellum, ill. ; 143 x 80 mm
The initial "C" was originally part of a Gradual commissioned ca. 1536-1537 by the canons of the Ste-Chapelle in Dijon for use in their church; the Gradual remained in the Ste-Chapelle (which was razed in 1803) no later than the late eighteenth century when the contents of the church were removed and dispersed during the French Revolution (1789-1799); the initial "C" was owned by Rudolf Busch of Mainz: his sale, Frankfurt, Joseph Baer & Co., 3-4 May 1921, part 2, lot 308, Tafel LIV; possibly bought by Harry Fuld, senior (1879-1932), Frankfurt, between 1921 and 1932; owned by Harry Fuld, junior (1913-1963), Frankfurt (prior to his emigration to England around 1937, Fuld packed his art collection in 27 boxes and deposited them with the transportation firm of Gustav Knauer in Berlin; the initial "C" was item 5/22 in box 25); confiscated, along with the entire art collection of Harry Fuld, by the German state as per order of the Elfte Verordnung zum Reichsbürgergesetz of 25 November 1941, by which Jews who had left Germany lost their German nationality and their property; auctioned, along with the bulk of Fuld's collection, by the German state in Berlin, Hans W. Lange, 27-29 January 1943, lot 229, Tafel 43; purchased by the Morgan Library & Museum, 2005.

Ms. gradual (perhaps antiphonary) leaf, written and illuminated in Dijon, France, ca. 1536-1537.
Text: on back of miniature is introit of Corpus Christi Mass (or perhaps Lauds Benedictus antiphon) with musical notation: "[E]go sum panis vivis qui".
Decoration: 1 historiated initial C (140 x 140 mm), margin decorated with border of foliate and floreate ornament.
Artist: Master of the Hours of Jean des Bruyères and Jeanne de Recourt (Master Regnault or Oudot Matuchet?).