Homilectic fragment

Accession number: 
MS M.706b
Homilectic fragment
Purchased 1926.
1 leaf (2 columns, 36-37 lines) : vellum, ill. ; 327 x 256 mm
Rudolf Meyer Riefstahl (1880-1936); purchsed for the Library in 1926 by Belle da Costa Greene.

Manuscript leaf from a homily written in Egypt, in 11th cent.
Texts: A homelitic fragment discussing Proverbs 8:22, over the exegesis of which the Arian controversy broke out. Aquila's (Akullas) translation of that passage "The Lord acquired me," is also mentioned. Arianism, which maintains taht the Son of God was created by the Father, is refuted at the beginning of the fragment ("We are creatures and those who come intoexistence through us are creatures. In God, however, who is not created, the one whom he begets is not a creature." Full text with a provisinal translation in Depuydt.
Written area ca. 261 x 191 mm. Divisions: Ekthesis, reddened enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign (Touton style with reddened budded or dotted diple [bud never painted] in column a and reddened obelus in column b).
Script: Upright. 10 lines = ca. 72 mm
Punctuation: Raised reddened dot in conjunction with a space. Many tremas.
Collation: Uncertain, but hypothetically seventh leaf of the sixth quire of the codex (assuming regular quire structure in eights; inferred from the ancient pagination, the sequence of hair and flesh, and the absence of signature, quire ornament, and monogram). No headline or catchword.
Formerly identified as M.706(2).

Coptic, the Sahidic dialect