Encomium on St. Theodore Stratelates

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MS M.608
Encomium on St. Theodore Stratelates
Egypt, between Feb. 5, 995 and Jan. 2, 996.
Ancient binding According to Petersen: Upper and lower covers of leather, over papyrus boards (Bybliothecae Pierpont Morgan codices Coptici photographice expressi, v.50, pls. 1, 2, 73 and 74). (Binding catalogued separately as MS M.608A.)
Purchased by J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) in 1916.
36 leaves (2 columns, 26-28 and 31-34 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 336 x 255 mm
Part of a lot purchased in 1916 by Francis Willey Kelsey (1858-1927) on behalf of J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) through the agency of Dr. David L. Askren, an American missionary and physician residing in the Fayyūm.

Manuscript encomium on St. Theodore Stratelates written and illuminated in Egypt, before January 2, 996.
4 sewing repairs.
Colophons: 1) fol. 33v: Memorial in Coptic: For Deacon Paulōs; 2) fol. 33v: Memorial in Coptic: For [...] (name erased); 3) fol. 33v: Memorial, date in Arabic: For and by S̆anūdah ibn Mīnā (i.e. Shenute son of Menas); AH 385 (Feb. 5,995-Jan. 1, 996).
Script: Upright (titles and colophons right-sloping). 10 lines = ca. 83 mm
Written area ca. 265 x 187 mm. Divisions: Title with 2 or more dividers above and 2, 3, or 5 dividers below, with small reddened dotted diples in margin of each line, major initial, and paragrapus sign (vine-scroll coronis) setting off major textual units; Ekthesis, reddened enlarged or greatly enlarged initial, and paragraphus sign (Touton style with reddened budded or sometimes dotted diple [bud never reddened, but green at fol. 14v] in column a and reddened obelus in column b setting off paragraphs; some passages, typically quotations, marked by a reddened dotted diple in margin of each line. Exceeding letters of last line of page written below end of the line at fol. 13v (end of a quire).
Superlineation: Non-standard (very short strokes or dots). Punctuation: Raised reddened dot in conjunction with a space; cluster of dots followed by a stroke, both reddened, as space fillers at end of paragraphs. Tremas (fols. 1-31, short single strokes).
Collation: Signed on first and last page of the quire, top inner margin. No quire ornaments, monograms, headlines or catchwords.
Decoration: Frontispiece of a large decorative cross, headpiece, initials, signatures and page nubmers, initials infilled with red dots, extended letters. Colors: Strong reddish orange (Centroid 35), moderate yellow (87), green (corroded); colors often faded or chemically altered.

Coptic, the Sahidic dialect, and with a colophon in Arabic