[Persian manuscript].

Accession number: 
MS W.63
[Persian manuscript].
[ca. 1780-1799]
Bequest; Julia Parker Wightman; 1994.
108 leaves (2 columns, 12 lines), bound : paper ; 172 x 103 mm.
Owner's stamp on fols. 1 and 106; purchased by Julia Parker Wightman in 1982; JPW 10121; Julia Parker Wightman Bequest in 1994.

Ms. persian manuscript, poetry (?); written in Iran, late 18th century.
There appear to be colophons on fols. 47 and 106.
Decoration: text pages are framed with thin rulings of black and gold; the text itself framed with black rulings and bands of gold and orange. Blank space was left for 2 headpieces and at least 1 double-page illuminated opening, unexecuted. Titles alternate in red and blue ink.
Binding: 19th-century Persian lacquer painted book covers; a dove and two insects among roses and other flowers on black background, with narrow borders of black, red, and gold with gold designs. Doublures are painted with scenes from Persian literature: the front depicts a man kneeling in a landscape in the upper half, and in the lower, two women on horseback, led by a guide on foot, through a landscape. Similar to that in W.62, the back doublure depicts a scene from Niz̄amī's Khusrau va Shīrīn, where Khusrau discovers the nude Shīrīn bathing. In a brown morocco slipcase by JPW.

In Persian;