[History of Mohammad].

Accession number: 
MS W.62
[History of Mohammad].
289 leaves (2 columns, 14 lines), bound : polished paper, ill. ; 111 x 69 mm.
Purchased by Julia Parker Wightman in 1944; JPW 2299; Julia Parker Wightman Bequest in 1994; misappropriated in 1995; purchased by Bauman Rare Books of Philadelphia; returned by Bauman to the Morgan Library 24 April 2001.

Ms. history of mohammad; written and illuminated in India, 18th century.
Decoration: 2 fully-illuminated pages, 3 illuminated headpieces. Each page of text is written within a rectangle, framed by black rulings and a gold band, with an outer frame of two black and one gold ruling. Columns are separated by a vertical border of colored flower motifs on a gold strip. Beginning with fol. 277, text and decoration are articulated into geometrical shapes on the page within the central rectangle. Titles are written with outlined panel and flanked by gold squares with flower motifs.
Binding: Red lacquered boards with leather spine: on luminous red ground is painted a rosebush with 2 birds perching among the flowers; doublures have painted miniatures under lacquer: front doublure depicts Prince Khusrau spying upon Shirin bathing, the motif taken from Niz̄amī's Khusrau va Shīrīn; back doublure depicts a prince with his retinue approaching a palace where a princess greets him from the front window. In folding box case covered with nishiki figured flower paper by JPW, brown leather spine lettered: History of Mohammed.

In Arabic;