Reliquary in locket form.

Accession number: 
MS W.36
Reliquary in locket form.
[Vienna, Austria, 17--]
Bequest of Julia Parker Wightman, 1994.
2 locket covers : brass, vellum, textiles, wire, ill. ; 78 x 60 mm
F. & G. Staack Antiquarian Booksellers, Camden, Maine; purchased by Julia Parker Wightman from Staack in 1963; JPW 5200; Julia Parker Wightman Bequest in 1994.

Reliquary in locket case, perhaps written and decorated in Vienna, Austria, 18th century.
2 oval brass locket covers, hinged together; each inner side containing a devotional assemblage. Left side: 78 x 60 mm; at center, 1 miniature painted on a circular piece of vellum depicting twin pink hearts spouting orange flames from the upper valve; the left-hand heart, topped by a cross, is girded with a crown of thorns and dripping blood from a Wound below; the right hand heart is pierced with a sword and girded with rosebuds. This central motif is circled with strands of gold thread and also circumscribed with oval courses of short, narrow strips of ribbon or vellum inscribed with holy names and interconnected by gold -- wire and gold thread, interspersed with tiny embroidered rosettes; the whole glued or sewn to a dark pinkish felt-like material cut to oval shape and glued down to the inside of the cover. Right side: 78 x 60 mm; at center, some relic, perhaps bone fragments, is laid upon a white cross-shaped embroidered base and covered with fine white netting surrounded by gold sequins embroidered with gold wire. Laid vertically above center and attached to the base by yellow thread is what appears to be a thorn (from the crown of thorns) and below center is a metal nail (from the True Cross), connected to the base in the same way. All relics are outlined with courses of white ribbon or vellum strips, inscribed with names, outlined, linked, and interspersed with gold wires and rosettes. The whole assembly is sewn or otherwise attached to a dark pinkish felt-like material cut to oval shape and glued down to the inside of the cover.
Textiles: assemblage of felt, ribbon, netting, sequins, gold wire, rosettes.
Enclosed in oval brass locket case with a large ring attached to a smaller ring on one side, a green tag on green string tied to the ring with the number 5162/ TO. 1963 35 RN; laid in blue cloth box by lined with velvet and blue and white floral stamped paper, lettered on spine: Religious object, JPW 1963.