Prayer book

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MS M.1113
Prayer book
Northern Italy or southern France, between 1450-1475.
Black velvet (now bald) over boards, remains of catches on upper cover; gilded vellum edges.
Purchased in 1999.
331 leaves (2 columns (fol. 1-315) and 1 column (fol. 316-331), 19 lines), bound : vellum ; 112 x 82 mm
Purchased from Swann Galleries, New York, Nov. 3, 1999, lot 205.

Ms. prayer book; written in northern Italy or southern France, third quarter of the 15th century.
Compilation of liturgical and devotional texts, including the Office of the Dead for Rome use; perhaps for a Franciscan convent. Many rubrics in French. At some time after the manuscript was first completed it was cut down and a section of black-painted leaves, written in red and gold ink, was added (fol. 316-331); the manuscript was then rebound.
Incipits for different texts: Fol.: 1 - Incipit officium ad honorem angelorum beatissimorum recolendum ad omnes horas; 1-1v - De angelo qui apparuit beato Petro in carcere liberaris eum; 1v-2 - De victoria beati Michaelis archangeli contra luciferum et angelos eius; 2 - Visio beati Johannis in apochalipsi de angelo prohibente et flagella terre (?); 2v - Visio beati Johannis in apocalipsi de omnibus angelis Deum laudantibus et adorantibus; 3 - De beato angelo Raphaele; 6v - De angelo apparente pastoribus in hora nativitatis Christi; 9v - Explicit officium; 10 - Incipit ritimi [sic] sanctorum angelorum; 11 - 4 stubs and a blank leaf; 12 - Forma ordinum angelorum...; 13 - Explicit ritimi; 13 - Incipit officium sancti spiritus; 19v-22 - Dominica in resurectione; 23 - Beatus Jeronimus in hoc modo breviter disposuit...; 23v - Incipit ordo psalterii sancti Jeronimi; 48v - Hic est oratio sancti Cipriani: Ego Ciprianus...; 57v - Incipit ordo sancti Brandani monaci Beatus Brandanus et monacus fecit hanc orationum...; 75 - In nativitatis Domini; 82v - In compceptione BVM; 84v - Deus qui beatissimum Annam...; 87v - blank; 88 - Marian salutations; 90 - Psalter, 4-line initial B; 90 - Incipit Psalterium Beate Marie; 160v - Explicit Psalterium Beate Marie; 164 - Incipit officium Beate Marie secundum cur. Rom. Eccl.; 187 - Officium defunctorum; 196v - Officium de Passione Jesu Christe; 199 - Lamentationes Virgine Marie; 210v-211 - Officium de sancti Spiritu; 214v - De Corpore Christi; 216v - French rubrics: Les dignites de nostre dame sainte Marie sont cestes...; 219 - Pape benet del ordre de cyteaux fit cestre oresco(?)... (indulgences?); 220 - Les J x'pistr moustre a Sainte Brigid a maniere de prier...; 221 - A tous...per ppe Boniface sext se otroyent .ii. mile ans de indulgence. A la simplication du Roy de france; 223 - Lepitre que envoya Leo papa a Charles roy de France...; 224 - Obsecro te; 225v - Hore beate Katerine; 228 - Missa contra mortalitatem...Clemens sextus instituit...; 230v - Ici sensivient (?) les xx vers du sautier...; 250 - Explicit egregius tractatus beati Anselmi; 250 - Oratio devotissime sancti Thome de acquino; 251v - Explicit oratio devotissimo Thome de acquino; 251v-252 - Passio secundum Johannem; 254 - In laudibus BVM; 264 - Honorius episcopus (?); 264 - Incipit regula fratrum minorum; 272 - Explicit regula fratrum minorum; 272 - Incipit testamentum beati Francisci; 278 - Incipit vita frarum penitencie; 290 - Comence lofice de la benediccion de la table (see Paris BnF Latin 760 - Franciscan Breviary - has this section fols 631-632v); 294v-297v - blank; 298 - In vigilia Ascensionis; 316 - Begin black leaves: 1 quire of 8, ends in catchword; quire(s) missing; last quire of 8 Painted rather than stained; probably 2nd quire of black leaves was left blank after text ending upper fol. 328, then continued in red and gold until end, fol. 331v. Fol. 332 is blank flyleaf.

Latin and French