Book of Hours

Accession number: 
MS M.854
Book of Hours
Spain, perhaps Burgos or Segovia, 1465-1480
Spanish 18th-century red morocco, gilt-tooled with arms of Philip V of Spain in center, in marbled slipcase.
Purchased with the assistance of the Fellows, 1951.
241 leaves (1 column, 17 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 224 x 162 mm
Probably made for the Infante Don Alfonso de Castile (1453-1468), younger brother of Isabella the Catholic (arms of Castile and Léon in the manuscript); examined in Valladolid for the Inquisitors by Fray Nicolás Ramos before his departure for Puerto Rico in 1588 (inscription on flyleaf: Por mandado y comisión de los illus señores inquisidores de Valladolid fueron estas horas vistas y examinadas por mi Fray Nicolós Ramos); Philip V, King of Spain (1683-1746); Comte de Lignerolles (Catalogue des livres rares et précieux, 1894, part I, p. 4, no.6); Baron Jean Vitta of Paris; purchased from Vitta through H.P. Kraus in March, 1951, with the assistance of the Fellows.

Ms. book of hours, use of Rome (Hours of the Virgin, Office of the Dead); written and illuminated in Spain, Burgos? Segovia?, 1460s.
The text of M.854 is unfinished. Saints names were not inscribed in the Calendar.
Decoration: 24 full-page miniatures, 8 small miniatures, 12 calendar illustrations, border decoration with marginal narrative scenes, executed in grisaille with additional colors.
Artist: Workshop of Juan de Carrión.
Textiles: blue silk pastedowns front and back.
Decoration has been attributed to the workshop of Juan de Carrión by Lynette Bosch (2000), p.98: ".... The style of the illumination found in the Morgan Hours [i.e. M.854] suggests that it should be linked to the workshop of Juan de Carrión. Linking this manuscript to the Carrión workshop brings the related pontifical missal [Toledo, Cathedral Archive, Ms Res 5] made for Mendoza into that group as well...." See also pages 99 and 103 in Bosch's book for further discussion of this attribution.