Chansonnier provençal

Accession number: 
MS M.819
Chansonnier provençal
Italy, ca. 1285-1300.
French 19th-century red morocco gilt with mauve silk linings.
296 leaves (2 columns, 27 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 263 x 194 mm
Owned by Iacomino de Painellis de Godio in 1354 (document transcribed on fol. 52v, describing the grant by Emperor Charles IV of Bohemia of Mantuan citizenship to him and his heirs, Apr. 9, 1354); preserved in the Ducal library at Mantua, where it was allegedly studied by Mario Equicola (1470-1525); Angelo Colocci (b. Iesi 24 July 1474, d. Rome 1549; according to Ingrid Rowland in a note 3/5/98 in the internal folder, annotations in Angelo Colocci's hand are found in M.819 on fol. 233v, 246v, 278, in addition to circles and horizontal lines throughout); Cardinal Pietro Bembo; Count Justin MacCarthy-Reagh of Toulouse (Catalogue, Paris, DeBure, 1815, p. 433 no. 2809); purchased by Richard Heber in 1816; his sale (London, R.H. Evans, Feb. 10, 1836, and 9 following days - 9th day's sale, lot 1468) to Sir Thomas Phillipps; Phillipps Collection no. 8335; purchased through A.S.W Rosenbach at the Phillipps sale (London, Sotheby's, July 1, 1946, lot 13) in 1946.

Ms. poetry; written and illuminated in Italy, Venice or Padua, ca. 1285-1300.
This manuscript is known to scholars of Provençal chasonniers as Manuscript N and Chansonnier N--Cf. PML files.
Decoration: 28 figured and historiated initials; 39 pages with marginal text illustrations in various stages of completion; the marginal illustrations are keyed to words in the text by sigla.
Artist: the painted decoration has been attributed to an artist stylistically associated with the workshop of Giovanni da Gaibana--Cf. PML files.

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