Book of Hours

Accession number: 
MS M.815
Book of Hours
Paris, France, between 1471 and 1485.
English 16th-century painted vellum; in center of both covers a hind passant, surrounded by oak foliage and acorns; the letters +A+G+L+A+ (Altha Gebir Leilam Adonai - Thou, o Lord, art mighty for ever) are painted on the back cover.
168 leaves (1 column, 23 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 170 x 120 mm
Possibly owned by Henry VII of England (arms of England and some devices painted in the margins are associated with him: ostrich feathers, a porticullis, a white boar, red dragon, silver greyhound); Sir Robert Wingfield (1464-1539, his motto: Posse et nulle nobile on end flyleaf); on fol. 165v in a 16th-century hand are written he letters +A+G+L+A+ (Atha Gebir Leilam Adonai - Thou, o Lord, art mighty for ever; below in the same handwriting is a note: 183 leaves: leaues paynted: Nine score & three"); Mathias Lambrecht, bishop of Bruges (1594-1602, his motto Da Domine quod iubes et iube quid vis inscribed on fol. 165v and upper cover); purchased from Lathrop C. Harper, New York, in 1941.

Ms. book of hours for the use of Sarum; written and illuminated in Paris, France, ca. 1471-1485.
Decoration: 29 large miniatures, 11 with historiated borders; 10 small miniatures; 24 calendar borders with historiated vignettes; a 15th century miniature of the Crucifixion by a master of the Gold Scrolls Group has been cut from another manuscript and pasted to the inside of the front cover.
Artist: Chief Associate of Maître François.