Prayer book, Life of St. Margaret

Accession number: 
MS M.947
Prayer book, Life of St. Margaret
France, ca. 1390.
Previously in 19th-century red velvet over boards with gilt clasp; rebound in full red morocco, no clasp, by Deborah Evetts in 1971; the present order of gatherings was introduced at this time and the manuscript was refoliated.
Gift of Sherman Post Haight, 1970.
75 leaves (1 column, 16 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 134 x 95 mm.
Purchased in Paris by Mr. Sherman Post Haight, in January, 1915; gift of Sherman Post Haight in 1970.

Ms. prayer book and life of St. Margaret, perhaps a fragment of a book of hours; written and illuminated in France, about 1390.
Collation: I1-II1, III8-IV8, V4-VI4, VII6, VIII8, IX4, X7, XI8-XIII9.
Texts: fols. 3-21 - Prayer in French verse, beginning Quatre coses couvient au vrai religieus.. ; fols. 21v-22v - The Seven Verses of St. Bernard, in Latin; fols. 23-32v - Prayer, in French verse, beginning Sai[n]te Marie dame glorieu[se] de puciele fo[u]taine de doucour..; fols. 33-38v - Fifteen Joys of the Virgin, in French; fols. 38v-44v - The Seven Requests of our Lord, in French; fols. 45-66 - Life of St. Margaret, in French verse; fols 66-68 - Prayer in French, beginnining Cetons son fil ense[I]gne et dist..; fols. 68v-74 - Prayer on the Lord's Prayer, in Latin and French; fols. 74-75 - Prayer, in French, beginning Ave dame saincte Marie ton gloire.
Decoration: 2 full-page miniatures (inserted) with borders, 1 half-page miniature, 6 historiated initials, 7 full-page borders, numerous gold and blue intials.

Latin and French