Cronaca di Partenope

Accession number: 
MS M.973
Cronaca di Partenope
between 1425 and 1450.
19th-century vellum with leather label inscribed Cronaca di Napoli e Sicilia, Cod. Cart., Sec. XV.
Purchased from Dr. Curt Bühler on the "B" Fund, 1976.
224 leaves (2 columns, 28-29 lines), bound : paper ; 260 x 210 mm.
Owned by the brothers Francesco and Antonio de Buonanno (inscription on lower margin of fol. 1 in a 16th century script: Francesco ed Antonnio de Buonanno fratelli hanno letto tutta questa historia); sale at Puttick and Simpson, June 1, 1869, lot 2031; Sir Thomas Phillipps (Ms. 21286); his sale (London, Sotheby's, 28 November 1973, lot 595); William Salloch, Ossining, New York (gold paper label on back pastedown, catalogue 333, no. 22; purchased by Curt Bühler on the 'B' Fund in 1976.

Ms. chronicle of Naples and Sicily and other texts relating to Naples; written in the second quarter of the 15th century.
Texts: fols 1-11 - Pope Clement I, letter of investiture to Charles I; fols. 11v-22 - "De romano imperatore" - a note on the emperor; list of the Kings of Christendom and whether they are crowned and anointed; lists of cardinals' parishes in Rome, archbishoprics and bishoprics; fols. 23-57 - Cronaca di Partenope; fol. 57v blank; fols 58-154 - an untitled chronicle of Sicily; fols. 155-187 - chronicle of the 12th and 13th centuries, with particular reference to the Near East; fol. 187v blank; fols. 188-193 - a brief history of Campainie and the alleged Donation of Constantine; fols. 194-196 - chronicle of the 12 generations of the Jewish kings of the Old Testament; fols. 196v-198 - poem in terza rima of 143 lines of verse; fol. 198 - poem of six 4-line stanzas; fols. 198-204 - treatise on the medical baths near Naples: Pozzuoli, Trepergole and Agnano; fols. 204-216 - Petrarch, Italian translation of the Itinerarium breve de Ianua usque ad Ierusalem et Terram Sanctam; fols. 216-223v - short biographies of the first forty-three bishops of Naples.
The watermark is close to Briquet 6306, dated to Naples, 1438.

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