Book of Hours

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MS M.739
Book of Hours
Germany, possibly Bamberg, 1204-1219.
14th or 15th century pigskin over boards; brass corners and bosses having on the upper cover an inscription in an 18th century hand: Ex auct. Harteriana, Horae B. Marie Virginis.
Purchased in 1928.
183 leaves (1 column, 18 lines), bound : vellum, ill. ; 280 x 197 mm
Executed for members of the Andechs-Meranien family of Bamberg, possibly Ekbert or Mechthild von Andechs-Meranien von Kitzingen, then passing to Ekbert's sister Hedwig; St. Agnes of Bohemia or Agnes of Prague (1211-1282); in Kloster Trebnitz (the Cistercian convent of Trebnitz) in the 13th century; Hermann von der Hardt (1660-1746), librarian to the Duke of Brunswick (ex-libris inscription); owned by Eduard Heine of Halberstadt in 1862; F. Dörling sale (Hamburg, June 15, 1928, lot 932, illus.) to Leo S. Olschki; purchased from E. P. Goldschmidt of London in 1928.

Ms. book of hours for the Premonstratensian rite (Office of the Dead); written and illuminated in Germany, possibly in Bamberg, after the death of Berthold IV in 1204 and before the dedication of Kloster Trebnitz in 1219.
Decoration: 32 preliminary leaves with miniatures in two or three registers; 8 smaller miniatures; 12 historiated initials; 7 large decorated initials and numerous smaller ones with figures and animals.
This text is often referred to as Cursus Sanctae Mariae Virginis; see Meta Harrsen, Cursus Sanctae Mariae: A thirteenth-century manuscript, now M.739 in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, The Pierpont Morgan Library, 1937.

Latin and German, Middle High German (Frankish dialect)