Letters (7) : to Sylvan Karchmer, 1954-1970.

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MA 5680-5686
Powers, J. F. (James Farl), 1917-1999.
Gift; Family of Carter Burden.
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About his travels and teaching; commenting on the work of Malamud: "I read Malamud's stories (one in P[aris] R[eview], one in Commentary, which is better), and I think he's really got it. I must say I was surprised, in view of the mild reports I got on his work. I'd say Buy Malamud!" (1954); and discussing Catholicism: "Read Ronald Knox's big book: ENTHUSIASM. Or even "Priestly Fellowship" by me in the New Yorker (last September). What I mean is that if a pack of enthusiastic morons tried to give you lessons in play-writing, you'd probably not accept it in what they would consider the right spirit. That is what is happening in the Church. For all the phonies and fatties there are in the Church, there are still good reasons for much of the discipline. This is true of anything--religion, playwriting, music, including jazz--that matters, I think. Not that otherworldliness can't be carried too far" (1970).
Karchmer, a writer, taught creative writing in the English dept. at the University of Oregon.

The Carter Burden Collection of American Literature.