We bombed in New Haven : mimeograph copy of a typescript : New York, 1968 January 8 / by Joseph Heller.

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MA 22037
Heller, Joseph.
The Carter Burden Collection of American Literature.
1 item (133 pages), bound ; 28.6 x 22.4 cm

Stamped on front cover: "Hart / Multi-Copy Inc. / 720 West 42nd Street, N.Y. 10036 / Telephone 947-2619."
Typed on title page: "Copyright 1967 Joseph Heller / 390 West End Avenue / New York, N.Y. / January 8, 1968."
Typed note on page 1: "This text was prepared for an evening performance in a theater in New York. Production at other times and places, as well as changes in the actors playing the roles, will require a number of changes in the dialogue for certain of the lines to remain meaningful."

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Red cloth clamshell box (30.5 cm)
Red fabrikoid folder with stamped in silver on front with 2 silver fasteners.
Carter Burden.