Letter from Giovanni da Verrazzano, place not specified, to Francis I, 16th century : manuscript copy.

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MA 776
Verrazzano, Giovanni da, 1485-1528.
Place not specified, 16th century
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1911.
1 item (22 pages), unbound ; 29.2 x 21.4 cm

A previous subtitle to this letter was "copy of the long-lost Verrazzano letter to Francis I, King of France, 16th century."
The Cèllere Codex; so-called because it was found in the library of Count Macchi di Cèllere in Rome, 1908 and referred to as the R. Codex.
Bacchiani believes that it is in the hand of Girolamo, with marginal notes by Giovanni Verrazzano himself.
High reserve.


Watermark: page 1. Leafy tree in a circle.
Watermark: pages 6 and 8. Double-tailed mermaid in a circle with six-pointed star (Briquet 13899: Naples 1524-28).
Watermark: page 10 and 11. Leafy tree in a circle.


Giving a preliminary report of his voyage along the East Coast of North America in 1524. This manuscript is addressed to Bonacorso Rucellay, a business associate of Verrazzano's brother Girolamo.

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Tan cloth drop-spine box (31.6 cm)
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan from Imbert, March 1911.