Collection of 12 notebooks, ca. 1847-1861 : autograph manuscript.

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MA 595-606
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, with the Wakeman Collection, 1909.
12 volumes, bound : illustrated, map ; size varies

Collection of 12 Thoreau notebooks: 11 "Indian notebooks" (MA 596-606) and 1 notebook with "Extracts relating to Canada" (MA 595). The notebooks are comprised mainly of extracts from books published 1845-1861, on Native Americans and exploration of the North American continent. With some notes, sketches, diagrams, and maps throughout.
High reserve.
The notebooks are cataloged in 12 individual records, MA 595-606. Records for MA 596-602 have pdf attachments of transcriptions.
This series is frequently referred to as Thoreau's "Indian Notebooks." (N.B. The "Canadian Notebook" (MA 595) is not always grouped with the 11 other "Indian Notebooks.")

By descent in 1862 to Thoreau's sister, Sophia; by descent in 1876 to Thoreau's friend and correspondent, H.G.O. Blake; by descent in 1898 to E. Harlow Russell; sold in 1904 to the dealer George S. Hellman; Stephen H. Wakeman; purchased by Pierpont Morgan with the Wakeman Collection, 1909.