Ḥiddushei ha-Torah le-Rav Rabenu Mosheh bar Naḥman T.N.Ts.V.H.

Accession number: 
PML 27576
Naḥmanides, approximately 1195-approximately 1270.
bi-Eśbona : Eliezer [Toledano], 18 Av, 5249 [16 July 1489]
[301] leaves ; 28.5 cm (fol)
Credit Line: 
Purchased in 1930. NNPM

Title from incipit (leaf [1]/1v).
Imprint from colophon: ... be-shenat ERaḤeM [249] ... bi-Eśbona be-ḥof yamim be-meyah ... be-veyt ha-Rav ... Eliezer ...
Printed in Toledano's types 1:230H and 2:117H.
Signatures: [1⁸ (8+1) 2-6⁸ 7¹² 8-13¹⁰ 14¹² 15-28¹⁰ 29-30⁸ 31¹²]: 301 leaves, leaves [16]/10 and [31]/12 blank.
Paper format: Chancery folio.
Sheets are signed consecutively in Hebrew characters, misnumbering 144-150 as 145-151.
Metalcut border, leaf [1]/1v.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 27.5 x 19.5 cm. NNPM
PML copy missing 2 leaves: [16]/10 and [31]/12 (blanks). NNPM
Followed by Tefilah she-hitpalel ha-Ramban zal and Igeret she-shalaḥ ha-Rav zal me-Yerushalyim.

19th-century English blind-tooled black morocco over paper boards (28.5 x 20.5 cm), sewn on 5 supports by Riviere & Son. Plain paper pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges. NNPM
Variant Title: 

Title in ISTC: Perush ha-Torah


Watermark: leaf 3. Hand with flower/star. Variant 1) slightly open thumb, chain line in center of image, round center of flower. NNPM
Watermark: leaf 5. Hand with flower/star. Variant 2) chain line touching at right edge, broad palm. NNPM
Watermark: leaf 111. Hand with star. Variant 3) ruffled cuff and star. NNPM
Hand decoration: Rubrication not required. Annotations: Minimal marginal notations in text. NNPM

Avraham ben Yitsḥak ben Yaʻakov(?), inscription (leaf [1]/1r); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Bernard Quaritch, July 1930. NNPM