Ḥumash ṿe-Targum u-ferush Rashi.

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PML 18543
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Bible. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1482.
[Bologna] : [Abraham ben Hayim dei Tintori for Joseph Caravita], 5 Adar I, 5242 [26 January 1482].
[220] leaves ; 31 cm (folio)
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Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1908.

Title and imprint from colophon.
Colophon: ... ṿe-tashlem ... Yosef Karaṿita ... le-hakhin et kol ha-ʻavodah ... ṿa-yivḥar lo ish baki ... ba-melʾakhah ha-defus ... Mistreh Avram ... b. Ḥayim ... min ha-tsevoʻim me-erets Pisaro. Ṿe-nashlemah ha-melʾakhah ha-temimah be-yom shishi be-ḥamishah yamim la-yareaḥ Adar ha-rishon, shenat ḥamishah [a]lefim ṿe-meʾatayim ṿe-arbaʻim ṿe-shtayim le-vriat ʻolam. Po Bolonyʾa.
Printed in types 1:180H and 2:90H.
Signatures: [1-4¹⁰/⁸ 5⁸ 6¹⁰ 7-8⁸ 9⁶ 10¹⁰ 11⁴ 12-13⁶ 14¹⁰ 15⁸ 16⁶ 17-20⁸/¹⁰ 21⁸ 22⁴ 23⁸ 24⁶ 25¹⁰ 26-27⁸ 28⁶]: 220 leaves, leaf [28]/6 blank.
Hebrew Pentateuch with the Aramaic Targum of Onḳelos and the commentary of Rashi. Ed: Joseph Hayyim ben Aaron Strasbourg Zarfati. Comm: Solomon ben Isaac.
Hebrew text in the center of the page (square type, vocalized, 20 lines = 18 cm.); Rashi at top and bottom; Onḳelos in outside column (both in cursive type, 20 lines = 8.7 cm).
PML copy printed on vellum.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 29.7 x 21.6 cm.
PML copy missing 1 leaf: [28]/6 (blank). Leaf [28]/5 inlaid.

19th-century English full dark green morocco over paper boards (31 x 22.5 cm), sewn on 5 supports by Roger de Coverly. Plain vellum pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges.
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Checklist title: Pentateuchus


Hand decoration: Rubrication not required. Annotations: Occasional manuscript notes throughout, mostly abraded (esp. leaf [1]/1r). Censored by Camillo Jaghel, with his signature, abraded (leaf [28]/5v). Modern pencil foliation at outer edge.

Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from J. Pearson & Co., 1908.