Accession number: 
PML 35456.7
Rhineland or Switzerland , ca. 1371-1470.
[83] leaves ; 29 cm.

Ms. executed ca. 1371-1470 in the Rhineland or Switzerland.
Books I-VIII of Aristotle's Physica, translatio vetus (Aristoteles Latinus, VII/2).
Book VIII is incomplete, ends in Chapter 7 on leaf [6]/15v with only marginal glosses complete.
Collation: [1¹² 2¹⁰⁽³⁺¹⁾ 3¹²; 4¹⁶ 5¹⁴ 6¹⁸], 83 leaves, leaves [3]/7-12 and [6]/18 lacking.
Chancery folio (27.5 x 20.7 cm) with the outer bifolium of quires [4]-[6] of vellum. Paper watermarks include "P"s dated to Mainz 1455 and Cologne 1462 (Piccard, Wasserzeichen, IV: X 82-83) in Books I-III and a cirlce/line dated to Heusden, 1371 (Briquet 3231) in Book IV.
Quires [1]-[3]: blind ruling (19 x 11.5 cm) of 22 lines in 1 column with marginal and interlinear gloss; quires [4]-[6]: ink double ruling (20.9/21.3 x 11.3/12.2) of 38 lines in 1 column with marginal gloss.
Scribal hands: 1) leaves [1]/2r-[3]/1v; 2) [3]/2r-12v; 3) [4]/1r-[6]/15v.
Decoration: red lombards, some with black ink flourishing, incomplete initial S with animal head on [4]/1r. Most initials in Books IV-VIII unrealized.
Leaf [1]/1r (originally blank) with multiple inscriptions and pen trials.
Execution attributed to the Rhineland on the basis of paper and Switzerland on basis of binding.


Watermark: page 11a. Circle with line and key inside.
Watermark: page 46. Two circles on either side of vertical bar with an 'x' at both ends.

Füssen, St. Mang (Benedictines), early sixteenth-century(?) inscription, "S. Magni in Fuessen," (front pastedown and leaf [1]/1r of PML 35456.1); Pierpont Morgan Library, booklabel (front pastedown), purchased from E.P. Goldschmidt & Co., April 1939.