Venerabilibus in christo patrib[us] d[omi]nis presbyteris secularib[us] vel cuiusuis ordinis regularib[us] : p[er] i[n]frascriptas p[er]sona[m] seu p[er]sonas electis vel i[n]posteru[m] eligendis idoneis sacri montis pie-tatis paduani & fraternitatis eiusde[m]....

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PML 195561
[Venice : Jacobus de Paganinis, ca. 1 June 1494]
1 broadside ; 259 x 374 mm (half-sheet)
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Purchased on the Curt F. Bühler Fund, 2011.

Caption title.
Letter of indulgence, issued 1 June 1494, in support of the confraternal members of the charitable pawnshop (monte di pietà) at Padua.
Place of publication and printer from ISTC ; mis-attributed to Paganino de Paganini in CIBN (conf. Meneghin and Davies).
34 lines, printed in 84G type, with 4-line woodcut initial.
Line 34: ...primo mensis Junij ...Ale[x]andri diuina providentia Pape secti. Anno secundo.
Lines 6-27 incorporate Bulla 4 Feb. 1493 [i.e. 1494?]: Pastoris eterni...Pridie non[as]. Februa[r]ij Pontificatus nostri Anno Secundo.

Variant Title: 

Title from ISTC: Litterae confraternitatis Monti Pietatis Paduani, 1 June 1494


Inscribed at head of verso in contemporary hand: 1494 pr[imo] Junij.