Forma confessionalis.

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PML 22510
Sixtus IV, Pope, 1414-1484.
[Munich?] ; [Nuremberg : Friedrich Creussner], 1482.
1 woodcut : ill.

1st ed.
An indulgence granted by Pope Sixtus IV, written by Brother Peter, guardian and preacher of the Franciscan convent at Munich. Originally bearing the papal seal(?) which was removed when the Pope declared on 28 June 1482, all these indulgences to be invalid. For full collation see GW I, col. 13, footnote. Haebler, Einblattdrucke des XV. Jahrhunderts, p. 7, footnote.
OC card: "One xylographic sheet, on vellum, the text 127x230 mm., the sheet 195x270 mm.; 23 lines. fol. in 1/2 dk. be. mor. box."
IOMEGA file list: "Notes: Woodcut, on paper. First edition. Cf. [ChL] 419H ([PML] 79162)."

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OC card title: [Indulgence granted by Pope Sixtus IV and issued by Father Petrus, guardian and preacher of the Franciscan convent at Munich, to contributors to the war against the Turks]