Biblia pauperum.

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PML 1.2
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Biblia pauperum (Block book). Latin. 1470.
[Netherlands, ca. 1470]
2 leaves ; (small fol.)

One of the block books that has survived in the greatest numbers is the Biblia pauperum, a compendium of scripture prepared for the poor and the minor clergy, providing them with material for prayer and reflection. The general intent of the Biblia pauperum was to harmonize the Old and New Testaments. This block book presents 40 Biblical events illustrated by parallel passages from the Old and New Testaments. Subjects from the life of Christ are found in the central panel of the page accompanied by two parallels (prefigurations, or typological interpretations) from Old Testament history and a witness from the prophets in the adjacent left and right panels.
Library's copy, fol. 10 (signature i) is colored; fol. 9 (h) is from the same ed.