Tōn en tēde tē biblō periechomenōn onomata kai taxis = Eorum quae in hoc libro continentur, nomina & ordo.

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PML 1129-30
Venetiis : ub domo Aldi Manutii, calendis Iunii M.III D [1 June 1497].
1, [1], 226, 116, 42, 12, 121, [1] leaves ; 32 cm (fol.)
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Purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.

Imprint from colophon (leaf 3P[omicron]10r): "Excriptum Venetiis in domo Aldi Manutii Cale[n]dis Iunii. M.III D."
Printed in Manutius's types 1:146Gr, 2:114R, and 7:114Gk.
Collation: [1]² 3a[alpha]-3z[psi]⁸ 3&[omega]⁸ 3[Alpha]-3[Beta]⁸ 3C[Gamma]⁸ 3D[Delta]¹⁰; 3[Alpha]a-3[Mu]m⁸ 3[Nu]n-3[Xi]o¹⁰; [alpha]a-[delta]d⁸ [epsilon]e¹⁰; a[alpha]-b[beta]⁸ 3A[alpha]-3O[xi]⁸ 3P[omicron]¹⁰: 520 leaves, leaf [1]/2 blank.
Paper format: Super-chancery folio.
Edited, with prefatory letter, by Aldus Manutius.
Chronologically the fourth of the five volumes of Aristotle issued by Aldo Manuzio, but considered by him to form the third.
Errors in foliation.
Woodcut headpieces and initials.
PML copy leaf dimensions: vol. 1 (PML 1130): 30.7 x 21 cm. and vol 2 (PML 1129): 30.7 x 21.2 cm.

16th-century Italian gilt-tooled calf over paper boards (PML 1130: 31 x 22 cm.; PML 1129: 31 x 21.6 cm.), sewn on 4 supports; repaired by Sanford & Clarke. Plain paper pastedowns; plain endbands; gilt edges.
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Aristotelis Opera Graece.

Joseph Juste Scaliger (1540-1609), note in Heber catalogue; Scaliger sale, Leyden, 11 March 1609, p. 10; Gerard Meerman (1722-1771) and Johann Meerman (1753-1815); Bibliotheca Meermanniana sale, The Hague, 1824, p. 216, no. 466; Richard Heber (1773-1833); Bibliotheca Heberiana sale, Sotheby's, Part I, 10 April 1834, lot 503, purchased by Payne and Foss; Mr. Miller of Lincoln's Inn (see Acheson note); James Bohn, bookseller to Acheson]; Archibald Acheson, Earl of Gosford (1806-1864), bibliographical note citing earlier provenance (formerly in box with PML 1126, now in departmental file); James Toovey (1814-1893); Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.