Tōn en tēde tē biblō periechomenōn onomata kai taxis : Aristotelous bios ek tōn laertiou = Eorum quæ hoc uolumine continentur nomina & ordo. Aristotelis uita ex Laertio.

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PML 19117
Venetiis : in domo Aldi Manutii Romani, Mense Februario .M. III D [February 1497].
[32], 268 leaves ; 31 cm (fol.)
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Purchased in 1911.

Imprints from colophon and privilege (leaf K6r): "Excriptum Venetiis manu stamnea i[n] domo Aldi manutii Romani, & græcorum studiosi. Mense Februario .M. III D. / Impetratu[m] est a dominis Venetis ide[m] in hoc quod in cæteris impressis græce domi nostræ."
Printed in Manutius's types 1:146Gr, 2:114R, and 7:114Gk.
Collation: [star]⁸ [dotted X]⁸ [cross]⁸ [Os]⁸ a[alpha]-z[psi]⁸ & [omega]⁸ A-B⁸ C[Gamma]⁶ D[Delta]-H[Theta]⁸ I⁸ K⁶: 300 leaves, leaf l[lambda]8 blank.
Paper format: Super-chancery folio
Edited by Aldus Manutius.
Errors in foliation: leaves 5, 29, 34, 95, 99, 113, 217 misnumbered 8, 28, 24, 69, 95, 121, 117 respectively.
Manutius issued the entire Opera in five parts, dated: I) Organon, 1 Nov. 1495 (PML 1126/ChL 989); II) Physica, Feb. 1497 (PML 1127/ChL 997, PML 19117/ChL 997 c. 2); III) De animalibus, 29 Jan. 1497 (PML 1128/ChL 995); IV) Theophrastus, De historia plantarum, 1 June 1497 (PML 1129-1130/ChL 998, PML 34896/ChL 998 c. 2, pt. 1 only); V) Ethica ad Nicomachum, June 1498 (PML 1131/ChL 1008).
Chronologically the third of the five volumes of Aristoteles's Opera printed by Aldus Manutius in 1495-1498, but considered by him to form the first, see the dedicatory letter on leaf [star]1v and Walsh, 2644.
Printed catchwords, except in quires a[alpha]-e[eta].
Text in Greek, preface in Latin.
Title from first page with lists of contents in Latin and Greek on leaf [star]1 recto.
Variants signalled in CIBN A-504.
Woodcut head-pieces and initials throughout.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 31 x 21.1 cm

16th-century Milanese plaquette-decorated binding for Jean Grolier: gilt- and blind-tooled brown morocco over pasteboard (32 x 21 cm), sewn on three supports. Plain paper pastedowns and flyleaves; plain endbands; edges painted in a floral pattern in red and green. On each cover, a painted stamp based on plaquettes by the medallist IO.F.F. Upper cover: Marcus Curtius riding into the chasm in the Roman forum (cf. DeRicci, Dreyfus plaquettes no. 347); lower cover: Horatius Cocles defending the Sublician bridge against Lars Porsenna (cf.ibid. no. 345), see also Davenport, Cameo book-stamps, pls. LIII-IV identifying the die-cutter as Giovanni delle Corniole. Traces of four pairs of green silk ties.
Variant Title: 

Aristotelis Opera Graece.


Hand decoration: Rubrication not required. Annotations: Two marginal notations in Greek at beginning.

Jean Grolier (1479-1565), inscription: "Joannis Grolierij Lugdunensis et amicorum" (leaf K5v); oval stamp, abraded (leaf [star]1r; Pierpont Morgan Library, booklabel (front pastedown), purchased from Henri LeClerc, 11 May 1911.