Albii Tibulli. eq. Ro. poetæ. cl. liber prim[us].

Accession number: 
PML 20047
Regii : Auctorib[us] Pros[per] odoardo & Alberto mazali, Anno Sa[lutis] 1481 K[a]l[endas] .octo[bris]. [13 September 1481].
106 unnumbered leaves ; 30 cm (fol. in 8s)
Credit Line: 
Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1916.

Probably a reprint of the edition produced for De Colonia and Manthen by De Lavagnia, Milan, 1475.
Title from incipit, leaf a2 recto.
Imprint from colophon, leaf p5 verso: Propertii Aurelii naute poeæ finis. Clarissimor[um] poetar[um] Tibulli: Catulli: & Prop[er]tii:[us] eor[um] vita op[er]a Regii lepidi accuratissi[m]e i[m]r[re]ssa: Auctorib[us] Prosp[er]o odoardo & alberto mazali regie[n]sib[us]: Anno Sa[lutis] 1481 K[a]l[endas] .octo[bris]. D. H. est d. so.
The colophon reads 'i9 Kl'. octo.', standing either for 19 Oct. or 13 Sept. (= Ides).
Printed in Odoardo and Mazalibus's type 1:99R.
Signatures: a-c⁸ d² e⁸ f⁶ g-i⁸ K⁶ l-n⁸ o-p⁶: 106 leaves, leaf p6 blank.
Paper format: Chancery folio.
Contains also the works of Catullus (beginning leaf [27]) and Propertius (beginning leaf [56]).
Verso of leaf [1] begins: Tibulli vita Albius Tibullus eques illustris et in signis forma.
1 column, 42 lines. Capital spaces, with printed guide letters.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 30.8 x 20 cm.

19th-century gilt-tooled full black goatskin over heavy paper boards (32 x 21 cm.), sewn on 5 supports by Clarke & Bedford. Marbled paper pastedowns and fly leaves, with plain paper fly leaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges.

Hand decoration: Rubrication unrealized. Annotations: A few contemporary marginal notations.

Henry Huth (1815-1878), inherited by his son: Alfred Henry Huth (1850-1910), Ex Museo Huthii booklabel (front pastedown); Huth sale, Sotheby's, part II, 5 June 1912, lot 1369; unidentified English (Martini?) sale catalogue, no. 99; J.P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), purchased from Giuseppe Martini, Jan. 1916.