Statuta synodalia nova episcopatus Grationopolis.

Accession number: 
PML 127593
Uniform title: 
Statuta Gratianopolitana (Grenoble).
[60] leaves ; 20 cm (4to)
Credit Line: 
Purchased as the gift of Mrs. Carl L. Selden in memory of her husband, 1993.

Title from half-title page, leaf a1r, printed in red.
Imprint from GW.
Printed in type 94G.
The statutes were sanctioned on 13 May 1495 (leaf i8).
Signatures: a⁴ b-e⁸ f⁴ g⁸ h⁴ i⁸: 60 leaves.
Paper format: Chancery quarto.
Woodcuts on leaf a1v.
ISTC attributes to South-east France, Printer of Alexander Magnus (GW 878); on this press, see H.D. Saffrey in Gb Jb 1964 pp.98-102. Lőkkös(Genève) p.131 identifies the printer as Cruse in Geneva. BMC VIII p.415-6 located tentatively at Grenoble, Maignien regarding the edition as a Grenoble production of Jean Belot.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 18.8 x 13.4 cm.
PML copy missing 1 leaf: c8, replaced in facsimile. PML copy with quires h and i misbound; order of leaves in PML copy: h1-2, i3-6, h3-4, i1-2, i7-8.

19th/20th-century limp laced vellum (20 x 14 cm), sewn on 3 supports. Plain paper pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands. 4 cloth ties. Fleuron stamped in blind on rear pastedown -- binder's or owner's mark?
Variant Title: 



Hand decoration: Later initial added, faded (leaf b1r); rubrication not required in remainder of text. Annotations: One contemporary notation, illegible (leaves e5v-6r). 17th/18th-century pagination and notes addressing order of misbound leaves, and notes on dates of statutes (26 March 1494 and 13 May 1495). Modern incorrect pencil signatures in quires h and i.

Charbot, signature, 1684 (leaf a1r); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Bennett Gilbert as the gift of Mrs. Carl L. Selden in memory of her husband, Nov. 1993.