In hoc codice continentur Caius Suetonius Tranquillus De XII. Caesaribus, Aelius Spartianus, Iulius Capitolinus, Aelius Lampridius, Treuellius Pollio, Flauius Vopiscus Eutropius, et Paulus Diaconus De regum ad imperatorum Romanorum vita.

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PML 38266
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Scriptores historiae Augustae.
Mediolani : per Magistrum Philippum de lauagnia, .1475. die 20. Iulii. [20 July 1475], M.cccc.Lxxv. vndecimo kalendas Ianuarias [22 December 1475]
[110, 194] leaves ; 34 cm. (fol.)
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Purchased in 1945.

Title from contents list (leaf A5v).
First colophon (part I, leaf O5r): Mediolani Impressum per Magistrum Philippum de lauagnia .i475. die 20. Iulii.
Second colophon (part II, leaf ³F8v): Informatum est hoc Opus per Magistrum Philippum de Lauagna anno a Natiuitate Christi. M. cccc. Lxxv. Vndecimo kalendas Ianuarias Mediolani.
Printed in Lavagnia's type 3:107/108R.
Signatures: A¹⁰ B-M⁸ N-O⁶; ²A⁶ ²B-²R⁸ ²S¹⁰; ³A-³E⁸ ³F¹⁰: 204 leaves, leaves A1, O6, ²A1, ²S10 and ³F9-10 blank. BM 15th cent. gives alternate signature statement: A¹⁰ B-M⁸ N-O⁶, ²A⁴ B¹⁰-¹ C-R⁸ S¹⁰, ³A-E⁸ F¹⁰.
Paper format: Median folio.
Edited by Bonus Accursius.
40 lines; area of text: 215 x 124 mm. Initial spaces with guide letters; spaces for words in Greek characters. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. "The signatures are placed far down in the lower right-hand corner of the page."--BM 15th cent.
In two parts, dated: I) 20 July 1475; II) 22 Dec. 1475.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 30.3 x 21.5 cm., trimmed.
PML copy missing 5 leaves: A1, ²A1, ²S10, and ³F9-10 (all blanks). Printed signatures trimmed away.

18th/19th-century gilt-tooled diced calf over heavy paper boards (31.5 x 23 cm.), stab-sewn on 3 supports; rebacked. Marbled paper pastedowns and fly leaves with plain paper fly leaves; decorative endbands; gilt and tooled edges.
Variant Title: 

In hoc codice continentvr Caivs Svetonivs Tranqvillvs De XII. Caesaribvs, Aelivs Spartianvs, Ivlivs Capitolinvs, Aelivs Lampridivs, Trevellius Pollio, Flavivs Vopiscvs Evtropivs, et Pavlvs Diaconvs De regvm ad imperatorvm Romanorvm vita


Hand decoration: Rubricated, northern Italian alternating red and blue initials with filigree penwork decoration. Illuminated foliate border decorations and empty quartered armorial (leaf A5r). Many of the blue initials have been washed away, probably during rebinding/repairs. Annotations: Contemporary and 18th-century marginal notations throughout, washed/faded. Greek text added in manuscript.

Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Rosenbach Co., Jan. 1945.