Librorum Francisci Petrarchae Basileae impressorum annotatio.

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PML 24644
Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374.
Impressis Basileae : Per Magistrum Ioannem de Amerbach, Nonagesimosexto supra millesimu[m] quarterq[ue] centesimum [1496]
[778] pages (the last 2 pages blank) ; 28 cm
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Purchased in 1927.

Title from contents caption, leaf A1r.
First collected ed. of the works of Petrarch.
Imprint from colophon (⁴b10r): Explicit Liber Augustalis: Benevenuti de Rambaldis cum pluribus aliis opusculis Francisci Petrarchae: Impressis Basileae per Magistrum Ioannem de Amerbach: Anno salutiferi virginalis partus: Nonagesimosexto supra millesimu[m] quarterq[ue] centesimum .
Printed in Amerbach's types 23:110R, 24:75R, and 25:87R.
Signatures: A⁸ B⁶ C⁸; ²A⁸ B-D⁶ E⁸ F⁴; a-f⁸/⁶ g¹⁰ h⁸ i-l⁶ m⁸ n-p⁶ q⁸; ²a⁸ b-c⁶; ³a¹⁰(2+1: Ca. III. Qualiter, signed aij) b⁶ c⁸ d-e⁶ f-g⁸; aa⁸ bb¹⁰; ³A-K⁸/⁶ L⁸ M¹⁰; ⁴a⁶ b¹⁰; ⁴A⁸ B⁶ C⁸: 389 leaves, leaf ⁴C8 blank.
Paper format: Chancery folio.
Capital spaces with guide letters.
On the t.p. verso are elegiacs: De commendatione impressionis Francisci Petrarchae elogiu[m] Sebastiani Brant.
"Principaliu[m] sententiaru[m] ex libris Francisci Petrarchae collectaru[m] summaria annotatio": last sequence (⁴A1-C7v).
In some copies leaves 57-60 are bound after leaf 192.
Includes the Ydiota de vera sapientia of Nicolaus de Cusa, wrongly ascribed to Petrarca (E. P. Goldschmidt; Medieval texts and their first appearance in print (London, 1943), p. 133).
Six of the works have a separate half title: De uita solitaria (²A1); De remedijs utriusq[ue] fortunae (a1); Secretum Francisci Petrarchae (²a1); Quattuor libri inuectiuaru[m] contra quenda[m] medicu[m] (aa1); Opus epistolarum (³A1); Principaliu[m] sententiaru[m] ex libris Francisci Petrarchae collectaru[m] summaria annotatio (⁴A1).
PML copy leaf dimensions: 27.8 x 19.5 cm.
PML copy with quire ²F bound after ²c.

Early 16th-century French blind- and panel-stamped calf over paper boards (28.5 x 21 cm.), sewn on 4 supports; repaired and rebacked. Modern plain paper pastedowns and fly leaves. Central panel depicts Charlemagne or God the Father, with Adoration of the Magi, Vision of Augustus, and Slaughter of the Innocents surrounding, signed DD in a love-knot in sheild at bottom; see Henry Davis Gift III, no. 4 (Goldschmidt pl. XXX, nos. 68-69) and Weale p. 216, nos. 498-99.
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Cited as: Opera Latina


Hand decoration: Rubrication unrealized. Annotations: Minimal marginal notations in text, only in Vita solitaria.

Unidentified early ownership inscription, overwritten (leaf A1r); unidentified French purchase(?) inscription, 1500 (front fly leaf verso); unidentified paper label with blue frame and perforated edge (rear pastedown); George Dunn (1864-1912), Woolley Hall, Maidenhead, booklabel (front pastedown), notes and price code: [delta chi rho] (front fly leaf recto), purchased April 1902; his sale, Sotheby's, 22 Nov. 1917, lot 1462 to Leighton for £5; E.Ph. Goldschmidt (1887-1954), booklabel (front pastedown); Lathrop C. Harper, A Selection of Incunabula, I (1927), no. 158; Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Harper, June 1927.