Liber missalis pro vera institutione [et] consonantia Brixinesi ecclesie.

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PML 17601
Auguste Vindelicorum : per Erhardum Ratdolt, Millesimo. cccc. xciij. xvi. vero kalendas septembris [17 August 1493].
[14], I-CCXXIV, [2] leaves : illustrations (woodcuts) ; 35.5 cm (fol.)
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Puchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1911.

Title and imprint from colophon, leaf F5v: Finit liber missalis pro vera institutione [et] consonantia Brixinesi ecclesie: per Erhardum ratdolt mira imprime[n]di arte qua nuper venecijs nunc Auguste vindelicoru[m] opifex solertissim[us] excellit: lucule[n]ter imp[re]ssus: exquisita etia[m] emendatione: inuigilanti q[uam] cura magistri Sixti haugen reuisus [et] castigatus. Anno salutifere incarnationins .Millesimo.cccc.xciij. xvi. vero kalend[as] septembris.
Printer's mark, leaf F9r: Erhardi Ratdolt felicia conspice signa. Testata artificem qua valet ipse manum. [Printer's mark]
Printed in Ratdolt's types 7:92G, 9:130G, 12:180G, and 13:132G.
Signatures: [1⁸ 2⁶]; a-l⁸; m-n⁸ o-p⁶ q⁸ [r]⁶; s⁶; t-z A-E⁸ F¹⁰: 240 leaves, leaves [2]/6 and F10 blank. Leaf s1 unsigned, s2 signed s, s3 signed s2, etc.
Paper format: Median folio.
Edited by Sixtus Haug.
Text, music, and woodcuts printed in black and red, some woodcuts also in yellow.
PML copy printed on vellum.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 34.2 x 21.5 cm.
PML copy missing 5 leaves: [1]/1-2 (woodcut and preface, replaced in facsimile), [2]/6 (blank), s1 (woodcut Crucifixion), and F10 (blank). Woodcut initial cut away, replaced from paper copy (leaf m1r).

Modern full brown goatskin, blind-tooled in a retrospective style, over heavy paper boards (35.5 x 23.5 cm), sewn on 6 supports by Riviere & Son. Plain vellum pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges.

Hand decoration: Contemporary German (Augsburg) illuminated initials and foliate borders. Annotations: Contemporary/16th century marginal notations in German/Tyrolian hand, citing changes to feast days in calendar and textual alterations sporadically throughout text; extensive text notations for the feast of the Purification of the Virgin (leaves z7v-8v) and several texts on the veneration of Mary (leaves D6v and D8r), including the collects, "Spiritus Sanctus superveniet in te: Deus qui verbum tuum beate marie virginis aluo coadunare voluisti..." and "Deus qui de beate marie virginis utero verbum tuum angelo annunciate..." (leaf F9r) and the hymn, "Veni sancte spiritus et emitte celitus, lucis tue radium..." (leaf F9v). Obit and "Collecto pro fundatore" inscriptions written throughout text, obit inscriptions dated 1530-50s. Evidence of fore edge tabs at textual divisions.

Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from A. S. W. Rosenbach, June 1911.