[Indulgentia 1498. For the benefit of the confraternity of St. James of Compostella.]

Accession number: 
PML 20520.4-5
Losa, Alphonsus de, Commissary, active 1497.
[Westminster] : [Wynkyn de Worde], [about 1498]
[1] leaf ; (Broadside 4to)
Credit Line: 
Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1919.

2 woodcuts: Round seal of St. James and Losa's signature.
BL and PML copies with evidence of ogival red wax seal between woodcuts and endorsed with manuscript signature next to woodcut signature.
In Latin. Indulgence granted to person entering the Confraternity founded with a view to obtaining funds for the rebuilding of the Hospital of St. James of Compostela in Galicia.
Incipit: [I]n dei nomine Amen. Nouerint vniuersi cristifideles qualiter Sanctissimus...
Paper format: Chancery quarter-sheet, oblong
PML 20520.2-5 overall dimensions: 26.3 x 36 cm
PML 20520.4 with complete text. PML 20520.5 missing approx. 2 cm of text block at right.
PML has 2 copies of Setting B: 1 complete, 1 fragment.
Printed in de Worde's types 2:114G (first four words) and 5:81G (text).
Setting B; cf. BMC. Printed on the same sheet as setting A: (R)STC 14077c.86 (ISTC).
The indulgence was first printed by Dirk Martens at Antwerp in 1497, see ISTC il00287725 (PML 18413/ChL 1708).
The two settings are here printed in two pairs on a whole sheet, one pair across the recto (right-hand half), the other in the same two settings verso (left-hand half), and were therefore printed by the work-and-turn method (BMC).
Title from ISTC.

Not bound, in folder.

Hand decoration: Unrubricated, no rubrication required. Annotations: Endorsed with manuscript signature of Losa. Evidence of ogival red wax seal between woodcuts. Staining and damage to leaves suggests they were used as binder's waste.

Giuseppe Martin, unidentified catalogue, 1918-1919, no. 138; J.P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), purchased from Giuseppe Martini, May 1919.