Liber moralium super threnis Ieremiae.

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PML 707
Lattebury, Johannes.
[Oxford] : [Theodoricus Rood], Anno d[o]m[ini] M.cccc.lxxxii. ultima die mensis Julii [31 July 1482].
[292] leaves ; 30 cm. (fol.)
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Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1903.

Title from ISTC.
Imprint from ISTC. Date from colophon, leaf L7v: Explicit expositio ac moralisatio tercii capituli trenoru[m] Iheremie prophete. Anno d[o]m[ini] M.cccc.lxxxii. ultima die mensis Julii.
Printed in Rood's types 1:100B and 2:200G.
Signatures: a-z, A-I kk L M⁸ N-O⁶: 292 leaves, leaves a1, L8 and O6 blank.
Paper format: Chancery folio.
Some copies with woodcut border, leaf a2r.
Checklist author name form: Lathbury, John.
PML copy with woodcut border.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 28.5 x 20.5 cm.
PML copy missing 1 leaf: O6 (blank).

Contemporary blind-stamped English (probably London) calf over wooden boards (30 x 21 cm.), sewn on 4 supports. Printed waste pastedowns and fly leaves (Duranti, Repertorium, [Cologne : Ulrich Zel, about 1475], ISTC id00443000). 2 clasps, missing. Decorative stamp includes Oldham, English Blind-stamped Bindings, Acorn D(2).
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Liber moralium super threnis Jeremiae


Hand decoration: Rubrication unrealized. Yellow capital strokes, leaves a2r-b6v. Annotations: Contemporary marginal annotations throughout in several English hands, occasional underlinings and manicules. Several contemporary inscriptions in English hands, leaf a1r: "Usus istius libri datus est f[rat]ribus conve[n]tus clusaru[m]. Nullus auferre p[rae]sumat," "In tua fuit menudo magni conversio pauli / Qui povis audebat sternere fata Jovis / Al pi pen ca bas(?) Tot ninas h[abet] quot [habent] gris(?)," and "Conventus clusarum laudabili cursu perseverat." Ink smudges and occasional partial fingerprints in margins.

John de Parcu, inscription: "Hic liber Ad usum f[rat]ris Jo. de parcu q[??]t f[rate]r petrus de g[er]dile sibi Contulit. Ad dei laude[m] et a[n]i[m]a[rum] salute[m]," and directly below that in another hand: "[???] [con]quiescant in pace q[ui] hu[n]c libru[m] co[n]cesseru[n]t f[rat]ri Gilbert Marchini," 15th/early-16th century (leaf a1r); Pierpont Morgan, purchased from Bernard Quaritch, June 1903.