Incip[it] liber p[ri]mus d[omi]ni Iusti[nianus] imp[er]atoris instituc[i]onu[m] seu elementorum.

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PML 21138
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Maguntina : per Petrum Schoyffer de Gernβheym, .Millesimo cccc.lxviij. vicesimaquarta die mensis Maij [24 May 1468].
[103] leaves ; 41.5 cm (fol.)
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Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1920.

Title from incipit, leaf [1]/1r.
Imprint from colophon, leaf [13]/6v: P[rese]ns institutionu[m] p[re]claru[m] opus Alma in vrbe magu[n]tina inclite nac[i]o[n]is germanice. qua[m] dei cleme[n]tia tam alti ingenij lumine. donoq[ue] gratuito. ceteris terra[rum] nationib[us] p[re]ferre. illustrareq[ue] dig[na]tus est. no[n] atram[en]to o[m]ni. no[n] plumali ca[n]na. neq[ue] erea. s[ed] artific[i]osa quada[m] ad inue[n]c[i]o[n]e imprimendi seu caracteriza[n]di sic effigiatu[m]. et ad eusebia[m] dei. industrie e[st] [con]summatu[m] p[er] Petru[m] schoyffer de Gernβheym. Anno d[omin]ice incarnationis .Millesimo cccc.lxviij. vicesimaquarta die mensis Maij.
Printed in Schoeffer's types 3:91G and 5:118G.
Collation: [1-5⁸ 6¹⁰(9+1: "expediat sibi restitui"); 7-11⁸ 12-13⁶]: 103 leaves.
Colophon and rubrics printed in red.
CIBN C-594 reports variants. Found with and without the printer's mark at colophon.
Perhaps all copies printed on vellum.
PML copy printed on vellum, and without printer's mark.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 40 x 28.5 cm.

15th-century German blind-stamped calf over wooden boards (41 x 29 cm), sewn on 5 supports, with tools assigned to the Carmelites in Mainz (also know as "M mit Krone I," EBDB w000023/Kyriss 160, active 1465-1513); rebacked. Plain vellum pastedowns and endleaves, with modern plain vellum endleaves; gilt edges. 2 clasps; corner and center bosses removed.
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Incipit liber primus domini Iustinianus imperatoris institutionum seu elementorum.


Hand decoration: Contemporary Mainz painted primary initial and armorial (leaf [1]/1r) and rubrication, alternating red and blue initials and paragraph marks. Red/blue initials and paragraph marks identical to Vatican copy (Membr.S.22) and PML's 1470 Boniface (PML 20/ChL 15). Annotations: Contemporary manuscript subject headlines, foliation, and rubric index, with foliation (rear endleaf 2 recto). Contemporary marginal notations in text, some textual comments but mostly NB marks and manicules. Contemporary alpha-numerica quire signatures and quires numbered with arabic numerals at bottom center of first leaves, mainly trimmed. Contemporary inscription: "Maximum est periculum qui maxime timet" from Sallust, Catiline 58 (rear pastedown).

Glauburg family, painted armorial (leaf [1]/1r) and Glauburg and Holzhausen marriage armorial for Henne von Glauburg zum Lichtenstein (d. 1461) and Kunigunde von Holzhausen zum Lichtenstein (d. 1491) (initials over armorials: H. V. G. Z. L. and K. V. H. Z. L., respectively) (leaf [13]/6v), and a later inscription regarding Hieronymus von Glauburg (1510-1574), presumably inherited by his son Johann Ludwig von Glauburg (1547-1603): "Est Hieronymi a Glauburgo ex haereditate paterna. An: 1575" (front endleaf 1 recto); Johann Christian Senckenberg (1707-1772), inscription: "Ad Bibliothecam de Seckenberg Med. Dr. et Physic Moeno-Francofurt ordinarii 1752 [???]" (leaf [1]/1r) (see also Stricker, "Die Incunabeln der Dr. Senckenbergischen Bibliothek zu Frankfurt," Mittheilungen des Vereins für Geschichte und Alterthumskunde in Frankfurt am Main IV.1 (Nov. 1869): 153); Charles Butler (1821-1910), sold 9 Aug. 1904 to: Henry Yates Thompson, Ex museo booklabel, no. 37 and price code: ybn.e.c. (front pastedown), his sale, Sotheby's London, 23 March 1920, lot XLVI for £1400 to Bernard Quartich; J.P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), purchased from Quaritch, Aug. 1920.