Incipit repertorium super Innocencio.

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PML 20810
Innocent IV, Pope, approximately 1200-1254
Argentinensis : [Heinrich Eggestein], M.cccc.lxxviij [1478].
[468] leaves ; 41.5 cm (fol.)
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Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1919.

Title from caption, leaf [1]/2r: Incipit repertoriu[m] super Innoce[n]cio, editu[m] ab egregio ac excellentissimo iuris vtrisq[ue] doctore domino Baldo de perusio in vrbe famosissimo quodquide[m] repertoriu[m] Baldi Margartia proprie nu[n]cupatur vel Innocencianus.
Imprint from colophon, leaf [49]/5v: Explicit solennis apparatus Innocencij pape quarti super quinq[ue] libris decretalium ... in inclita argentin[ensis] ciuitate impressus. Sub anno domini .M.cccc.lxxviij.
Printed in Eggestein's types 2:141G and 5:93G.
Collation: [1-5¹⁰ 6⁸; 7-16¹⁰ 17⁸ 18¹⁰ 19⁸ 20⁶; 21-24¹⁰ 25⁸ 26-29¹⁰ 30-32⁸; 33-39¹⁰ 40¹²; 41-46¹⁰ 47⁶ 48¹⁰ 49⁶]: 468 leaves, leaves [1]/1, [7]/1 and [49]/6 blank.
Paper format: Royal folio.
Apparatus begins on leaf [7]/2r with incipit: Incipit Apparatus quinq[ue] libroru[m] decretaliu[m] d[omi]ni innoce[n]cij pape quatri co[m]posit[us] et publicatu[us] in ciuitate ludunen[sis].
PML copy leaf dimensions: 40.1 x 29.6 cm.

Modern half brown goatskin, with cloth sides, over paper boards (41.5 x 30 cm), sewn on 5 supports. Plain paper pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands.
Variant Title: 

Apparatus super libros Decretalium


Hand decoration: Contemporary rubrication, alternating red and blue initials, red paragraph marks and underlining. Annotations: Contemporary marginal subject headings and foliation keyed to tabula. Contemporary marginal notations sporadically throughout, including a German inscription regarding Innocent's authorship (leaf [7]/2r) and manicules. Manuscript table to tituli (leaf [7]/1v) and 2 leaves bound-in after leaf [49]/5v. Manuscript alpha-numeric foliation for sections of Apparatus, starting with a1 on leaf [7]/2r, some are printed (e.g. b1 on leaf [21]/1r).

Unidentified shelfmark: A 8 (fore edge); Fribourg (Switzerland), Augustinians, St. Hugo, inscription: "Bibliothecae Frat. Eremit. S. Hug. Frib. Helvet. 1623" (leaf [1]/2r); Paul Schmidt, bookplate (front pastedown); J.P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), purchased from Maggs Bros., Sept. 1919.