Horae: ad usum Sarum (Salisbury).

Accession number: 
PML 18386
[Bruges] : [Colard Mansion?, for William Caxton], [about 1475-1476]
[64?] leaves ; 13 cm (8vo)
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Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1908.

Title from ISTC.
Imprint from ISTC.
Printed in Caxton's type 2:135B.
Complete collation unknown, but likely [1-12⁸]: 96 leaves. Morgan fragment collates: [4-11⁸]: 64 leaves, missing 2 leaves: [4]/1-2, and quires [1-3]⁸ and [12]⁸.
Paper format: Chancery octavo half-sheets (format based on Bodleian's paper copy)
Usually recorded as Westminster, but more likely to be Bruges since its compositorial practice conforms with the Bruges Cordiale, not with any Westminster books. Additional evidence for Bruges as place of printing can be found in the paper stock of the Bodleian Library fragment, the provenance of the Morgan fragment as well as the Flemish illumination of the Morgan fragment. See BMC XI 331-2. For the Caxton's association with Mansion, see L. Hellinga, "William Caxton, Colard Mansion, and the Printer in Type 1," Bulletin du bibliophile (2011), 86-114. Needham suggested that the work was an early Westminster production based on half-sheet printing, see Cx 11.
PML copy contains the Vigils of the Dead and the Commendations. The fragments in the Bodleian Library contain portions of the suffrages at Lauds.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 12.7 x 9.5 cm.
PML copy on vellum.

Modern vellum (13 x 9.8 cm), sewn on 3 supports. Plain vellum pastedowns and fly leaves.

Hand decoration: Illuminated borders (leaves [4]/3r and [9]/7r) and initials, in a Flemish style; rubricated, red and blue lombards and red rubrics, ruling lines added. Annotations: No notations in text.

Discovered in Middelburg, Zeeland, at the beginning of the 20th century and acquired by J. Pearson & Co., London; Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from Pearson, 1908.