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PML 19001, 51241
Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420.
[Rome] : [Sixtus Riessinger], [not after 1470]
[358] and [452] leaves ; 34 x 23.5 cm (fol.)
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Volume I (PML 19001): purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1909.

Collation: Vol. I: [1¹⁴ 2¹⁰; 3-19¹⁰ 20¹² 21-36¹⁰ 37⁸]: 358 leaves, [1]/1-2, [2]/9-10, and [37]/6-8 blank; Vol. II: [1¹⁴; 2¹² 3-25¹⁰ 26⁸ 27-45¹⁰ 46¹²]: 452 leaves, leaves [1]/1-2 and [1]/10-14 and [46]/12 blank.
Colophon (Vol. II, leaf [46]/11r): Finis secundi voluminis epistolarum beatissimi Hieronymi. Veritas vincit. .IA.RV.
Edited by Theodorus Lelius. Preliminary text: Aristeas, De lxx interpretibus (translated by Matthias Palmerius).
In two parts. On the ascription to Riessinger at Rome, see BMC IV ix-x. On J.L. Sharpe's view that this should be dated about 1466-67 see D.E. Rhodes in The Library, 6th series, 5 (1983), pp. 68-71, where a date of not after 1467 is suggested. Dated not after 1470 in Goff. Paul Needham, "Sixtus Riessinger's Edition of 'Epistolae Hieronymi' (GW 12420): circa (not after) 1470," La Bibliofilía 116 (2014): 17-43 argues conclusively for the not after 1470 dating.
Paper format: Median folio
PML copy leaf dimensions: Vol. I (PML 19001): 32.9 x 22.1 cm; Vol. II (PML 51241): 33.7 x 22.5 cm
PML copy missing 16 leaves: Vol. I, leaves [1]/1-2 (blanks) and Vol. II, leaves [1]/1-14. Vol. I formerly lacked leaves [13]/10 and [14]/2-10, which were replaced from another copy (leaves are narrower and with a yellow foredge). Vol. II, leaves [23]/5-6 are misbound after leaf [11]/2.
Printed in type 1:81R.
Single leaves were distributed to accompany copies of A Leaf from the letters of St. Jerome ... with an historical essay by Jeremy Duquesnay Adams and a bibliographical essay by John L. Sharpe III; edited by Bennett Gilbert (Los Angeles, London, 1981).
Title from ISTC.

Vol. I: Modern half leather over 15th-century wooden boards (34 x 23.5 cm), sewn on 4 supports by Duprez-Lahey. Plain paper pastedowns and fly leaves; plain endbands. 2 clasps wanting. Vol. II: 19th-century panelled calf (35 x 24 cm), sewn on 3 supports; rebacked. Plain paper pastedowns and fly leaves.

Hand decoration: Vol. I: Rubrication unrealized. Vol. II: Contemporary Roman white vine illumination with gold initials, oxidized portrait of Jerome (leaf [2]/1r); rubricated, alternating red and blue initials. Annotations: Vol. I: No marginal notations in text. Minimal foliation and foliation of tabula. Vol. II: Rubricator's incipit (leaf [2]/1r); no marginal notations in text. Modern alpha-numeric quire signatures.

Vol. I: Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from Giuseppe Martini, June 1909. Vol. II: Pencil inscription: 600-1875 M. No. 3.2.75 (leaf [2]/1v); St. Bride Foundation, Passmore Edwards Library, Reed Collection, 1900, stamp (leaf [46]/11r); Mr. G.P. Romer, 1952 (previously offered to Morgan); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from David Magee Book Shop, Nov. 1960, as a gift of the Fellows, Jan. 1961.