Incipit noua [com]pilatio decretalium gregorij .ix.

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PML 19375
Gregory IX, Pope, approximately 1170-1241.
Maguncia : Petrus Schoiffer de Gernβheim, .M.cccc.lxxiii. ix. k[a]l[ends] decembris [23 November 1473].
[305] leaves ; 50 cm (fol.)
Credit Line: 
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1912.

Title from incipit, leaf [1]/1r.
Imprint from colophon, leaf [34]/10r: Anno incarnationis d[omi]nice .M.cccc.lxxiii. ix. k[a]l[ends] decembris Sanctissimo in [christ]o ac d[omi]no/ d[omi]no Sixto p[a]pa .iiii. pontifice maximo! Illustrissimo/ nobilissime domus austrie/ Friderico! Ro[ma]noru[m] rege gloriosissimo! reru[m] d[omi]nis! Reuere[n]dissimo i[n] [christ]o p[at]re d[omi]no Adolpho archi[e]p[i]s[c]ule magu[n]tino! in nobili vrbe Magu[n]cia! q[uae] n[ost]ros apud maiores dicta/ qua[m] diuina etia[m] cleme[n]tia dono gratuito p[re]ceteris terra[rum] mationib[us] arte imp[re]ssoria dignata e[st] illustra[r]e! hoc p[resen]s decretale glosa cu[m] ordinaria d[omi]ni bernhardi/ no[n] atrame[n]tali penna cannaue sed arte quada[m] ingeniosa imprimendi/ cunctipotente aspiranti deo Petrus schoiffer de gernβheim suis consignando scutis feliciter consummauit. [printer's mark]
Printed in Schoeffer's types 5:118G and 6:92G.
Collation: [1-3¹⁰ 4⁶ 5⁴(3+1: partentum eo); 6-8¹⁰ 9-10⁶; 11-12¹⁰ 13⁸ 14¹⁰(9+1: ab alterutra); 15-16¹⁰ 17⁸ 18⁶(5+1: ea[m] diffini[r]e); 19-21¹⁰ 22⁶ 23⁶(5+1: [E]x parte); 24-26¹⁰ 27⁸ 28⁶; 29-30¹⁰ 31⁸(7+1: vinculo decernimus); 32-33¹⁰ 34¹²]: 305 leaves, leaf [34]/12 blank in paper copies.
Paper fomat: Imperial folio
Rubrics, colophon, and printer's mark printed in red.
PML copy on vellum.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 47.7 x 32.5 cm.
PML copy with leaves [34]/1-2 misbound after [34]/10.

19th-century French blind-tooled calf, in a pastiche of an early style, over wooden boards (50 x 34 cm), sewn on 5 supports by Lortic (ticket on front endleaf 1 verso). Plain vellum pastedowns and endleaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges. Modern gold bosses over velvet and two clasps.
Variant Title: 

Incipit nova compilatio decretalium gregorij ix


Hand decoration: Contemporary (Mainz?) rubrication, alternating red and blue initials and paragraph marks, red headlines in calligraphic script including foliation; primary initials are red/blue interlocking with penwork decoration. Manuscript guides for headlines scraped away. Opening miniature for each book likely 19th-century additions from when volume was rebound. Annotations: Extensive Nota bene marks ("No." and clover symbols) and manicules throughout text but minimal textual notations. Quires numbered with Arabic numerals at bottom of first leaf, mostly trimmed away, and some alpha-numerica quire signatures, also mostly trimmed.

Unidentified booklabel: "liures nouveaulx livres vielz & anticquee" (front pastedown); Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from Leo Olschki, 1912.