Graduale s[ecundu]m morem sancte Romane ecclesie: integru[m] [et] co[m]pletu[m] videlicet d[omi]nicale: sanctuariu[m]: co[m]mune: & ca[n]torinu[m]: sive kyriale: ... sub pena ut i[n] gratia M.ccccc. Correctum per fratrem Franciscum de Brugis ordinis minorum de observantia.

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PML 127642
[3], I-CCCLXXXI (with mistakes) leaves : illustrated (woodcuts), music ; 55 cm. (fol.)
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Purchased on the Lathrop C. Harper C-1 Fund, 1994.

Title from title page (leaf a1r).
Colophon to part I (fol. ²[rum]8v): "Explicit graduale d[omi]nicale Impressum Venetiis cura atq[ue] impe[n]s[is] nobil[is] viri lucea[n]tonii de giunta flore[n]tini: arte aut[em] Joa[n]nis emerici de Spira: Anno incarnationis d[omi]nice: M.cccc.lxxxxix. iiii. K[a]l[endas] octobris [i.e. 28 September 1499]."
Colophon to part II (fol. N8v): "Finit feliciter co[m]mune sanctoru[m] maxima cum dilige[n]tia ac summo studio eme[n]datu[m]: impressu[m] Venetiis impensis nobilis viri Luceantonii de giu[n]ta flore[n]tini. arte aut[em] Joa[n]nis Emerici de Spira: anno nativitatis d[omi]ni M.cccc.xcix. xix. k[a]l[endas] Febr[uarii] [i.e. 14 January 1500]."
Colophon to part III (fol. V9v): "Explicit volume[n] graduu[m]: su[m]ma cara longissimisq[ue] vigiliis p[er]fectu[m]: Imp[re]ssu[m] Venetiis i[m]pe[n]s[is] nobil[is] viri Lucea[n]tonii de giu[n]ta flore[n]tini: arte aut[em] Joa[n]nis emerici de spira. Anno natal[is] d[omi]ni M.ccccc. K[a]l[endæ] Martii [i.e. 1 March 1500]."
Printed in Emericus's types 4:165G, 6:85G, 8:105G, 10:220G, 11:420G, and 12:104G.
Signatures: a⁸(1+2, a bifolium: Capitulu[m] primu[m] / note ex q[ui]bus) b-s⁸ t¹⁰; v-z [et] [con] [rum] ²[rum]; ³[rum] A-C⁸ D-E¹⁰; F-N⁸; O-T⁸ V¹⁰: 384 leaves, leaf V10 blank. Leaves a1 unsigned, a3 signed "a2" etc. The inserted bifolium is clear in the Columbia Univ., RBML copy. BMC suggests leaf 328 as blank.
Paper format: "Papal" folio. Paper is not watermarked.
In 3 parts.
Corrected and edited by Franciscus de Brugis.
Woodcuts after designs by Benedetto Bordon.
Printed in red and black throughout. Foliation printed in red. 7-line staves printed in red, notation in black.
Some music and initials painted out in white, some reprinted/stamped.
Variant title noted in BMC.
Largest format incunable.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 55.2 x 37.3 cm.
PML copy is part I (Graduale dominicale) only. 172 (of 386) leaves missing: leaves a1.8, a1*-2*, a2, and ²[rum]7-8; ³[rum]1-V10 (parts II-III).

Contemporary (Italian?) reddish-purple vellum over beech boards, sewn on 3 supports; rebacked. Rear board partially missing vellum. 2 of 4 corner bosses intact; 2 of 4 pin catches on top board, 4 clasps missing. Title label on top board: GRAD:DO.
Variant Title: 

Graduale secundum morem sancte Romane ecclesie


Hand decoration: No rubrication required. Annotations: Contemporary corrections to musical text with stamped letters. Manuscript strokes aligning music and text, similarly added in other copies (in-house correction?).

Rev. [?] H. Darton (or Gaston; perhaps H. Darton of Offley), signature (front fly leaf); unidentified late 19th-century bibliographical note, referring to copy on view at King's Library (British Museum) in 1897 (front pastedown); Sotheby's (London), 26 May 1994, lot 230; Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased on the Lathrop C. Harper C-1 Fund, May 1994.