Collectoriu[m] sup[er] magnificat.

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PML 31842.1
Gerson, Jean, 1363-1429.
[Strassburg] : [Printer of the 1472 Aquinas 'Summa' (probably Eggestein)], 1473
[170] leaves ; 31 cm. (fol.)
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Purchased in 1935.

Title from incipit (leaf [1]/1r): Collectoriu[m] sup[er] magnificat particulas habet expositas non semp[er] eode[m] ordine quo su[n]t in cantico.
Colophon (leaf [17]/7r): Et sic terminat[ur] hec [con]pilacio dovtoa egregii [et] famosi m[a]g[ist]ri ioha[n]nis gerson sacre pagine doctor eximii cancellarii parisiensis Anno d[omi]ni .M°.cccc°.lxx.iii.
Printed in type 96G (Eggestein: type 5b:96G, Fyner: type 1:96G).
As assigned by Sheppard, noting the distinction made by V. Scholderer, 'Notes on the Incunabula of Esslingen', Gb Jb (1950), 167-71, at 168, repr. in Fifty Essays, 224-8, at 226, from type 96 used by Conrad Fyner in Esslingen (to whom this edition is ascribed by Pr, BMC, and GW); Kurt Ohly, 'Eggestein, Fyner, Knoblochtzer. Zum Problem des deutschsprachigen Belial mit Illustrationen (Copinger 5804)', in Gb Jb (1962), 122-35 attributes to [Heinrich Eggestein] (Bod-inc).
Collation: [1-9¹⁰ 10¹² 11-15¹⁰ 16-17⁸; 18²]: 170 leaves, leaf [17]/8 blank.
Paper format: Chancery folio
Checklist lists under Esslingen: Conrad Fyner.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 30 x 21.2 cm.
PML copy wants quire [18], table of rubrics.

Contemporary German blind-stamped (calf?) over wooden boards (30.5 x 22 cm.), sewn on 4 supports (tools unidentified as of 12 Nov. 2015; one rosette is similar to EBDB s017926 = w002544, Seitz Kartäuserkloster, Slovenia, ca. 1468-1500, but no other stamps from workshop). Plain paper pastedown and fly leaves, with manuscript waste as rear pastedown. 2 clasps, wanting. Manuscript title and shelf mark (C43) on vellum on top board.
Variant Title: 

Collectorium super Magnificat


Hand decoration: Rubricated, red and blue puzzle lombard (leaf [1]/1r), red lombards and capital strokes (different style than that in PML 31842.2). Annotations: No notations in text. Stave lines for music not added. Manuscript quire notation in bottom gutter margin of first recto and manuscript alpha-numeric signatures, mainly trimmed.

Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Bernard Quaritch, July 1935.